My Life

8 Jun

{I love you for loving me

Because its a rare and precious thing

And you can’t run from love that’s meant to be

So let it shine on everything}

Hey y’all! It’s been a day or seven since my last blog, I thought I’d sit down and talk your ear off a little since it is Monday and everyone could use some positivity in their lives. My last blog I mentioned I had made some changes in my life; one of those was settling down and getting hitched. Yes in case you’ve been under a rock since January I said “I do.” and I couldn’t be more happier.

17 days after making it “Facebook official” that we were a couple we said our vows in front of a handful of close friends and family. Best damn decision I’ve made in a very long time. So what’s it like being married? Its interesting for sure…. For all of y’all that watched my posts on Facebook and thought I needed a reality show, ha! We need one now! It’s fun; we joke around, we Co-parent, we’re there for one another. Its been a rollercoaster ride for sure but I like rollercoasters so I’m not intimidated by what life has thrown us in the almost 5 months of unionship. If I’m having a moment he calms me with voice of reason, if he’s having a helluva time I’m right beside him listening and agreeing and being his rock. We argue like brother and sister (yes we argue, no its not WWE fights) don’t get me wrong we’re both alike; when we get mad and it gets to a boiling point heads are gonna roll. Luckily we’ve never seen each other on the element yet. I know there’s gonna come a day when the wrong person is gonna tick one of us off, its gonna be a bad day for that person. We’ll never fight. (Yes I said never) Our arguments consist of me doing the laundry and him telling me to just relax laundry can wait and me getting huffy cause laundry needs done. He’s my ride or die, regardless of what it is, right or wrong I’m gonna be by his side with 110% of my support. Just like ol Tammy said, “Stand By Your Man.” that’s what I’m gonna do till the day I die.

I’m not as high strung as I used to be. Now I do get wound up over certain things and he just sits back and lets me vent and get passed it. I’m laid back, he’s laid back. We both cut up and have fun in our marriage. I do admit my anxiety comes and goes and I struggle with that but I try not to let Chad see it. There are things that I’m still getting used to after being single for 5 years, I’m not alone now, I have someone who helps me and is there for me. That’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time.

Loving me is hard, and I applaud him everyday for loving me at my worst and best times. He’s truly my best friend and I’d be lost without him. He’s loving, supportive and is occasionally onry but I love it.

I have two bonus daughters now. Quinlynn is 6, same as Leyton. They’re actually 4 days apart so its like having twins, they remind me alot of me and Husser. For y’all that have no clue who I’m talking about Husser is my cousin, his dad married my aunt when I was 4 and he was 2. We grew up together and were close, even as adults now I still think of him as the little brother I never had. We share alot of memories and I can only hope Quin and Leyton do the same. Braxtyn is 2, she’s my baby love. We went through a battle to have her like we do and I’ll always be thankful for that battle. It brought Chad and I closer as husband and wife. I was worried that Braxtyn wouldn’t be close to me, she’s known her mother as the only woman in her life but after the third time around her she let me hold her and let me show her my motherly instinct. She now loves me as if I’ve always been in her life.

All three of our kids are blessings to me. No they’re not my step daughters, they’re my bonus daughters. I’m not their stepmom, I’m their bonus mom. The same with Leyton Chad is his bonus dad and Leyton is his bonus son. I don’t like that step crap. Me and the girls’ moms get along, same as Leytons dad and Chad. We don’t fight, we all Co-parent like all bonus parents should.

I’m happy, over the moon happy with my life and the ones who have weathered the storm with me, y’all are awesome. God definitely blessed my broken road and I’m so thankful and grateful for it!

Until next time, bye y’all!  


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