“She’s a good ol girl.”

1 Jun

Hey y’all! Its been awhile! I’ve been off the grid, made some changes in my personal life and now I’m making my way back. Yes that’s right, I’m making a comeback. I mean its not gonna be as epic as Garth or nothing but its gonna be a fun ride!

Now for all of y’all that don’t know I got married. Yep, I said “I do.” and yes I’m extremely happy. Now your next question was it a singer/songwriter, no he’s neither. (Unless you count singing in the truck or shower, then yes he’s a singer) He actually had no clue what red dirt/Texas music was about till I blew into his life like a hurricane. I’m educating him! Now there’s some he doesn’t care for and some he does, I wish like hell Ragweed was still around so I could take him to a live show and let him experience that. CCR shows were like no other and to be honest there hasn’t been a show since to blow my socks off. (Womp womp) One artist though has stood out to me since I heard him back in 2012 and I will preach the gospel on him till I die; the one and only Frank Foster. (Can I get an Amen?) If you’ve heard of Frank then you probably got that

I took my hubby to his first ever concert back in January (yes I said first ever) and it was to see Frank sell out the Rev Room in Little Rock. I don’t think he knew what to expect, I mean I had bragged and went on and on about FF but you truly don’t get it till you see him jump on stage and kick ass. Cause he does for 90-120 minutes and the whole time it’s insane talent. (When you get the chance go catch a live show.)

When I sat down last summer with Frank and interviewed him before his first ever Oklahoma show in Marlow (which by the way he didn’t disappoint us Okies) we discussed his new album which hadn’t dropped yet, ‘Rhythm and Whiskey’ and I asked if there was gonna be any love songs on it. Frank can write a good love song now… He gave us ‘Real Woman’ on his Rowdy Reputation album and then ‘Lock The Door’ on Red Wings & Six Strings album. (Guys go listen and take note on how to talk to your lady and to keep her happy, you can thank me later for the help) Frank informed me that yes indeed there would be a love song and I would not be disappointed. He was right, I was not disappointed and yes I do love it.

‘Good Ol Girl’ is a slow tune that if you ain’t already, makes you wanna be a country girl that was raised right. No I don’t mean some slutty chick in some skimpy cut off shorts that don’t know what a backroad is, I mean the real country girl that knows where the best backroads are and will proceed to out sing you, out drink you, and leave you asking for more. The ones that still believe in old fashioned type relationships, the kind you wanna take home to mama. If you’re that girl then this is your jam. And yes before you ask, this song is my jam. As soon as I heard it I fell in love, I can only hope that when my husband hears it he thinks of me.

Franks got that deep voice that gets your attention and holds it cause you wanna hear what he has to say. This song leaves you waiting for the next line and as soon as its over you wanna hear it again. You can hear the sincerity in the words and his voice. It’s clearly a song written for Ashli, Franks wife. (Might I add she’s gorgeous and down home as they come) but if you listen to it and know your girl or if you’re a girl and can relate you’ll swear up and down it was written with you or your significant other in mind. Like I said earlier if you haven’t heard it or any of Franks songs please go to Youtube and prepare to have multiple eargasms. For all my fans that love a good COUNTRY song, not this pop crap on country radio you’ll love Frank. Please go to frankfostermusic.com and check out his tour schedule and the online store. Also note Frank and Ashli do all the work, they run the website, store and answer all the emails. There’s no middle man, another reason to love the man and his music! Below I’ll include the lyrics to Good Ol Girl, prepare to fall head over feet….

{She ain’t too much on painted up fancy

She lives her life in boots and jeans

But she still likes backroad romancin’

And she ain’t gotta look no further than me

Yeah she got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

Hard work to her, it ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

Aw, she’s a good ol girl

She’ll take a campier over candle

Yeah, she drinks beer so you can keep champagne

She knows all them songs by ol Rockin’ Randall

She’ll get the windows down, Lord you ought hear her sing

Yeah she got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

To her living country ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

She’s a good ol girl

She’s lover, she’s a lady

She’s forever, she’s a friend

She’s a modern day real woman

Who believes in love like it was back then

And she’s the savior of a wild and restless rambler

So I no longer walk alone

Yeah I was a wild card, she took a gamble

Now its her sweet love, keep me coming home

Yeah she’s got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

To her keeping promises ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

She’s a good ol girl

She’s a good ol girl

Aw, she’s a good ol girl}

Until next time my friends, bye y’all!!!


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