‘The South’ by The Cadillac Three

24 May

Well… Well… Well… (In my Stoney LaRue voice) I get told more often than not that my descriptions on certain things are funny and unique. I do speak my mind and before you ask I do not think about what I’m going to say, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else. So when I decided to sit down and write about The Cadillac Three’s single ‘The South’ I knew I’d need to explain myself before diving in head first. Consider that description of myself up there ^^^ a warning (Nothing bad!)

I’ve seen these fellers before in concert, twice as a matter of fact and I liked em. (Didn’t love em, liked em. Big difference when it comes to me.) Last summer they opened for Whiskey Myers at the Rib Room in Ft. Smith and I vividly remember telling my friend Cassie “I thought I dropped the F-bomb a lot, this cat has me beat by a country mile!” It’s true, the dude said the F-bomb every other word, I wonder how he refrains himself in on camera interviews? Since I’m so curious I might as well see if I can line up and interview to see for myself…. (Dually noted.) In my opinion, which don’t mean much, they sound like a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Whiskey Myers. They have that southern rock image and sound, I like it a lot. Some people might not like it but to each their own. Some little tiddy bits I learned about the fellers is: 1) lead vocalist, Jaren Johnston co-wrote ‘You Gonna Fly’ for Keith Urban, ‘Southern Girl’ for Tim McGraw, and ‘Days of Gold’ for Jake Owen with drummer, Neil Mason. (Did you raise your eyebrow like I did when I first heard this little bit of info?) 2) They were formally known as The Cadillac Black before changing their name to The Cadillac Three. Now if The Cadillac Black sounds familiar it’s because whenever Brantley Gilbert opened for Eric Church at the Ft. Smith Convention Center back in January 2012 they were the long haired guys on stage before BG and they went by The Cadillac Black. 3) On the single ‘The South’ Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band are featured singing along. (You learn something new everyday huh?)

I love the song, and Jaren’s voice is different. It’s one of those unique voices that I’m drawn to, being a horse of a different breed in the music business is good. I mean who the heck wants to blend in with every one else? I’d want to be different to make sure I stood out in peoples minds. Jaren does that. This song gives a nod to the south, (um…. duh.) everything is better in the south. (Who the heck retires and moves up north? My point exactly.) It reminds you why you love the south in a rocker kind of way. The melody has a good beat that makes you wanna stomp your feet and by the time you’ve reached the chorus you’re head banging and busting out moves you didn’t know your body could possess. Perfect song to get the crowd fired up to, someone give the record label a raise for releasing this single. It draws attention to these guys and leaves you wanting more. Go to YouTube right now and look it up. (Note: it makes me wanna drive 95 and then do a Dukes of Hazzard 360 spin.)

Now onto my thoughts of the video… Oh lawdy have mercy… I sat there with the raised eyebrow and slow nod while watching this video. Like I said I’ve seen these guys twice in concert and I’m not sure what image I had in my head for them to have because clearly it wasn’t the one they have in real life. I’ll shoot straight with you, the way Jaren says “boots and red clay” gives me goosebumps. So imagine my face when the camera gets a close up of him singing those words and I realize he has prettier hair than me! Don’t get it twisted, I’d party like Pamela Anderson with these guys if I was given the chance. (and when I say party, I mean I’d badger them the entire time about what hair products they use and in the back of my head count how many f-bombs get dropped.) They’re rocking out and then there’s the folks you commonly see in the south; Farmers, ranchers, folks in overalls, country girls dancing in a chicken coop. (Yes you read that right.) I had to watch the video twice to make sure I was seeing this right, then you see the special guests, Dierks, Mike and the boys from Florida Georgia Line singing their part. I know I make jokes and have somewhat snarky remarks but it looks like the making of this video was fun. The South is fun, the tea is sweeter, the days are longer, the country is prettier, and the people are more nice than some hoidy toidy executive in a three piece suit and tie you see up North.

I give the boys from The Cadillac Three a thumbs up on the video and two thumbs up on the song. Go visit their website http://www.thecadillacthree.com for concert dates, merchandise and other upcoming news. Until next time, bye y’all!


One Response to “‘The South’ by The Cadillac Three”

  1. Ann Pledger Kirksey May 24, 2014 at 11:17 pm #

    What the heck was that IBM ad?

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