Cole Swindell

19 May

Hey y’all! Well it’s another day with me nose deep in music(: I’ve been super busy and haven’t really had time to slow down and write til now so I’ll be quick with my stories. Now I know I said in a previous post that I was gonna talk about mainstream country too despite my name being Red Dirt Lisa. Really I love all kinds of music; classic country, mainstream country, pop country, red dirt and Texas music country, I don’t have a limit. Of course I’ll be snarky and make my own comments on some mainstream artist but it’s only because it’s what I think. Some of my friends don’t like Luke Bryan but I have highs and lows with Luke and here’s my thoughts on that… I love some of Luke’s stuff, like the first album he put out that had good songs like ‘We Rode In Trucks’, ‘I’ll Stay Me’, and ‘First Love Song’ those to me were great coming from him and I even love some of his newer stuff like ‘Drink A Beer’ and ‘Play It Again’ but when he starts singing about being a “winner winner catfish dinner”, wearing bedazzled skinny britches and is twerking more than Miley I gotta drop my head and wonder who his publicist is and why they’re still not working with Prince. (Of course I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like watching his booty shake it for me) I like some of the country pop stuff coming out of Nashville, I admit I put in my ear buds and jam to it while push mowing my yard (Yes some of it makes me think I can dance) and I do turn it up in my car and put on my own personal concert. (Don’t judge you do too…)

While skipping through my Pandora song list one day this catchy new song came on and I thought “Who is this cat?” It was a new artist named Cole Swindell and he was singing his song called ‘Chillin’ It’ at fist I was thinking that this was some more pop in my country and people were gonna gripe about it (and they did) but the song grew on me and I liked what I was hearing. Then I read he got picked up to be an opener on Luke Bryan’s ‘That’s My Kinda Night’ tour which made sense but I wasn’t going to drop a butt load of money for a ticket. I didn’t have to, several of my Facebook friends bought tickets and went and posted video’s pictures and their own personal opinions and they all made comments about Cole. I still wasn’t sold. It took a month or two til me and my friend Ashley were in the check-out line at Wal Mart and there was the ‘last minute stuff you might need but really you don’t’ rack. I looked over and there sat Cole’s debut album sitting there all cute and such for $10, Ashley informed me Pandora played a lot of Cole stuff and he had more than just one good song, so I said “What the hey, I’ll buy it. It’s only $10.” The next day while painting my entire house I listened to that album on repeat and thought to myself “This is the best $10 I’ve spent in a while!” The more I listened to it the more I loved it. So then I did some extensive creeping on Mister cutie patootie Cole and stumbled upon several things that booted me on up to biggest fan status. He’s a Georgia native, (Well… well… well…) he and ol Luke Bryan were frat brothers in college, (I’m betting he can do one helluva keg stand!) and most importantly he writes or co-writes his own songs and this includes songs for other fellow Georgia artists (Craig Campbell, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line to name a few)

I was sold. Well not entirely, I went looking through tour dates. Listen I don’t give a crap how good you are to look at, how many great songs you have or how many awards you have displayed in your big house on the hill, if you cant knock my socks off with a live show then I’m gonna tell you about it!

There it sat… the closest venue to me was in Oklahoma City and by golly I was going. So I ordered the tickets then told Ashley to set aside any plans she might’ve had cause we had a hot date. So the end of March me, her, her husband and my boyfriend loaded up and traveled the 3 1/2 hours to OKC to watch Cole at this little place called he Diamond Ballroom. Now I guess while drooling over Cole I never thought to do research on the Diamond Ballroom… The only thing I knew about the place was there was always a good artist booked there, little did I know (I found out later from my cousin) that it was in the shady lower part of town meaning rough. In all honesty I don’t know why this thought never crossed my mind because when we walked in the door there stood four cops. Not “sugar bear cops” as my friend Jennifer calls em, but real friggin’ cop with real guns and a real badge. (Real okay?) The place was a good sized establishment, clean, very well ran and very well taken care of. I took a look around and noticed the huge pictures that lined the walls of previous artist that had been booked there then… they patted us down. Not like a little pat, I mean you had to spread em and they made sure you were packing a gun, knife, 2×4 anything that could harm someone. (Holy cow! A little heads up would’ve been great!) Once I got past the shock of that experience we walked on in and found a good place to stand to watch the show. Now when I go places I observe the place… The Diamond Ballroom had clean beer and liquor bars, friendly bartenders, ran by nice but stern people and their bathrooms were clean. Yeah you read that right, their bathrooms were clean, smelled of cleaner and had clean floors. I’m not certain on the capacity limit of the place but it was not packed nor was it sold out for this show. (Give him a year or so and he’ll pack it out) Finally, at 10:30 Cole took the stage, he did his own songs, he sang the songs he had co-wrote for other artist and even did some covers of some 90’s country songs. He was great with the crowd and was very high energy. (yep that ticket to go see him and ol Luke would’ve been a good buy…) Then just as everyone was getting all fired up the concert was over, I look at my clock and it reads 11:40. Um…what? We drove nearly four hours, got patted down as if we were hiding a shank in our bra and then the show was only and hour and ten minutes long?! I guess its safe to say while oogling over Cole I should’ve been doing research on the venue, maybe if I had I would’ve read that they close at midnight. (Way to go Lisa)

Would I recommend you seeing him live? Yes. Would I ask his booking people to reevaluate their contracts and make the show longer? I already did(: Overall he put on a great show, our tickets were affordable and I’d for sure go again to see him. Y’all support live music!


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