Josh Abbott meltdown

10 Feb

Hey y’all! I haven’t been on here as much in a month, I’ve been busy redoing the inside of my house and keeping up with the music. I did however take a break Friday and creeped Twitter at the request of a friend cause I was missing quite the show…


As some of y’all know I’m a huge Josh Abbott Band fan and as weird as it sounds I haven’t been creeping Twitter as much as I used to. I do follow Josh Abbott Band members and Josh Abbott’s wife on Instagram and Twitter but noticed not much has been going on with any of them. Well when I creeped on Josh Abbott’s Friday I realized probably why. Josh came out and openly admitted to having problems with alcohol abuse, infidelity and language. Now this might come as a shock to some especially if you follow Josh or his wife on Instagram or Twitter, it seemed they had the perfect marriage and seemingly perfect life. I’ve had several people ask me my thoughts and opinions on the situation and well I’m about to unleash the beast on y’all…


I know as a child of God that we all make mistakes and that we’re also forgiven for those mistakes. I also know right from wrong when I’m faced with a situation, granted I don’t always do the right thing but when I screw up I’m ready to face the music. Alcohol abuse and language… (clearly I know this area quite well) we’ve all backslid. I mentioned this in my ‘The Truth Shall Set You Free’ blog. We all make mistakes those mistakes such as partying like a rock star, cussing like a sailor, snorting cocaine off a strippers butt cheek, wrecking hotel rooms. (Okay, so the last two things I just threw in there cause the blog needed a funny line. If you don’t find it humorous, tough crowd.) I think we’ve all made the mistake of having a drink or two and spouting off some dirty words. It’s not my place to judge, however I do not condone cheating or lying. I don’t tolerate it, I think if you’re not happy you should pack up and peace out. If you took the vow and made the promise in front of God and the one person you love the most then you honor it. Plain and simple. If you find yourself not happy or leaning toward cheating then you should sit down with your spouse or significant other and say, “We need to talk.” I have been through the divorce deal and it’s not a walk in the park, I wasn’t happy. I broke my promise to God and to my spouse, but I’ll answer for that. I’ve also been cheated on and lied to (and yes I punched him in the face. If I would’ve thought of it, I’d peed on his toothbrush) Just kidding on the peeing on the toothbrush, if you didn’t giggle over that, get out. But that’s the reaction I had; hurt, anger, betrayal. You trust the one person and they take your heart and do a tap dance on it. Now I don’t know the whole story behind Josh and his wife. I just know I sat staring at a bunch of tweets just like every other JAB fan in the Twittersphere and raised an eyebrow.


Remember back in 2012 when I blogged about the Josh Abbott Band show at Georges in Fayetteville? (If not, go look it up on here.) Anyways, he was blitzed, him and the band along with Rob Baird had been tweeting they had visited ‘Shotz’, a bar on Dickson Street. Then during Rob’s set Josh came from backstage and sang with him while two sorority girls stood in the back waiting on him. He wasn’t wearing his ring and when JAB took the stage for their set, and he sang ‘Taste’ and ‘Touch’ he sang them rather vulgar like… Everyone knows Fayetteville is a college town and if you’re a fan of JAB you know they’re all about the colleges. So, you can decide off that bit of info what you reckon, I know that me and my friend Megan discussed our thoughts on it, and it didn’t look good from where we stood. 


His wife had tweeted to someone while it was all burning up Twitter; “Please do not applaud him for his honesty. He’s been lying to me for 7 years.”  

I look at artist in the past who have done the same. Artist such as Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks to name a few and Denise Jackson booted Alan out for a while before working on their marriage and working through the problems they both faced. So much so, she wrote a book about it. I’ve read it, it’s a great book. Garth Brooks cheated on his first wife Sandy, While he was onstage he went into to sing ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ and couldn’t because of the guilt he had felt, singing a song that was intended to mean something for his wife and he couldn’t sing it because of his unfaithful decision. He came clean and they worked through it, it ultimately ended in divorce and he went on to marry country sweetie, Trisha Yearwood. I look at artist that had drinking problems and worked through them. All the problems Josh Abbott has, can be fixed in time and if he genuinely is sorry for the pain and embarrassment he’s caused his family and his wife’s family and most importantly if he wants to really turn into the Godlly man he wants to be.


In closing, my opinion might not mean much. I see Granger Smith, Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson and Cody Canada who are all happily married and have been for sometime now and think “Man, they go out and do the same thing Josh Abbott does and they didn’t screw around on their wives, why couldn’t Josh have done that?” The songs he sings, I cringe when I listen to some because you know he must’ve written them for his wife and the love he has for her. They just aren’t the same as they were before. It’s kinda like being an innocent kid and finding out the dang Easter bunny ain’t real, you’ve been broadsided with the ugly truth and it’s hard to swallow. I think Josh Abbott Band got too big too fast. The high living of all the female fans and the hard life on the road got to him and went straight to his head (maybe both, who knows.)  The band has had a successful career and I’d hate for fans to turn their back on them but if it happens it happens, it’s all a part of God’s plan on what He has in store. Should he have went to Twittersphere with the problems? Yes and no. I think he owed it to his fans to tell the truth and to face the problem and address it, I think if he done it with the right intentions then okay but if he did it for the band to be in the spotlight and get more attention and he’s playing the pity party he needs his toothbrush peed on and slapped in the crotch. Just kidding! Until next time my friends, bye y’all!


2 Responses to “Josh Abbott meltdown”

  1. Michelle Comer February 15, 2014 at 3:40 am #

    Sin is sin… Right or wrong – there is no sin greater then another regardless of what the judgers/haters behind it think. There’s a saying that goes “don’t judge me just because I sin differently then you”. We all fall short of the glory of God…period. I think all the energy people are using to judge josh Abbott and condemn him could be better spent praying for him, his marriage and their families! Certainly not my place to whisper, speculate or condemn…and shame on those who find it their place to do so.

    • Nathan Blackwell April 19, 2015 at 3:36 am #

      Jesus says in John 8:7 “so when they continued asking Him, He raised Him self up and said to them” He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first”

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