Bottoms Up!

7 Jan

Hey y’all! I’m in a writing mood so I figured I better utilize it the best I can for now(: Today I’m gonna give y’all my opinion on Brantley Gilbert’s newest video and release, ‘Bottoms Up’. Now before I get started let me make some things clear… These opinions and thoughts are based solely on what I think, I’m a BG fan from way back when he first hit the scene (yes way before he came out with his album Halfway To Heaven, like a fan from when he blasted through my speakers singing about ‘Whenever We’re Alone’ *sigh*) I’ve met BG countless times and he’s one of the nicest people one can meet in the business. Let’s get started shall we?


Three weeks ago Brantley released his newest video and to my surprise it wasn’t some sap song milking a broken heart. (We all got the memo about his and Jana’s split.) What was an even bigger surprise was the fact that he has numerous leading ladies hanging off of him like drunken prom queens… (The broken heart must be healed… just saying..) At first, I didn’t know what to think about the new song, I’m used to his sound from ‘Take It Outside’, ‘Hell On Wheels’, and ‘Kick It In The Sticks’ which granted he does carry that sound and a little more with it. The sound I’m hearing from this song is…. well it just ain’t something I expected out of Brantley. His songs from ‘Halfway To Heaven’ make me want to drive fast and this song makes me want to slow down. It doesn’t mean the song hasn’t grown on me cause it has. It makes me want to grab a Mason jar of moonshine and dance even though I’m not much of a drinker nowadays and dancing, well I can pull a move or two out if needed.

His voice in this song has that raspy, sexy sound to it which is a plus, but I can’t understand what he’s saying in some parts of the song cause his voice is so low and raspy. How romantic and sexy is it when a guy says something and you have to say “Huh?” totally kills the mood so maybe just maybe BG needs to rework his sexiness… I wish I had that problem!

Now onto my thoughts on the video… I love the Bonnie and Clyde feel it has to it, the gangster look. All the fashion in this video from Brantley’s attire to the ladies dresses, the cars, the guns, all of it is rocked well by all involved. They start out loading up moonshine into the back of the car then Brantley and the three flapper girls get into his car and his band members all dressed in the same gangster fashion get into their car, guns loaded and drive off. They’re seen driving down a paved country road and eventually they pull into the driveway of a huge mansion, all get out of the cars and walk up to the mansion and are greeted by the doorman, who in real life is his bodyguard. As they walk into the mansion, the era changes and its todays times. All the clothes are updated and instead of walking in with all those crates of moonshine, they’re walking up with barrels of whiskey and then walk in to a raging party. Guys and girls are dancing everywhere while guess who is singing about Bottoms Up. While the party is getting crazy inside the mansion the next scene shows the sheriff walking up to the steps and the doorman redirects him. In case y’all didn’t know the sheriff is played by BG’s manager. (Everybody had a hand in this video for sure.) As the party is winding down, you see Brantley and his crew walking out of the mansion wearing their gangster clothes and getting back in their cars to go home. As Brantley pulls back into his driveway, he parks and gets out and has his back to the driveway, where the sheriff just so happens to be parked waiting on his return. The sheriff quietly gets out with his shotgun and walks up the driveway, as he approaches he cocks the shell into the chamber, Brantley turns around with two guns drawn and the screen goes black then you hear a gunshot.

The director of this video gets two thumbs up, something about the transitioning, the acting and the small details is what brings this all together and its flawless. However, I would change up Brantley’s style a smidge, something about his black jean sleeveless shirt he was wearing in the mansion just doesn’t do it for me and maybe not so many rings…. More is less BG(: Y’all can view this video, just go to, search for Brantley Gilbert, then scroll through the results til you find Bottoms Up, click and enjoy. Also, call your local radio station and request to hear it. Until next time, bye y’all!



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