Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014!

6 Jan

Wow last year was a long hectic crazy year! So crazy and hectic I haven’t wrote in ten long miserable months:( I know I know it’s time to get with the program and I have. While I was busy with shows and buying albums last year I also added to my plate.

I got a message one day asking me if I’d be interested in talking music on a podcast on Thursday night’s out of Lubbock Texas. So I said I’d give it a whirl to see if I’d be interested in doing it all the time and to my surprise I loved it and so did the guys and listeners that I now talk to every Thursday night. If y’all wanna call in and listen or talk to me or any of the guys that host Smokin’ X call 1-347-202-0263, also go ‘like’ their Facebook page titled Smokin X. Also…. I went on a limb and tried something new, I took a correspondence position. That’s right you read that correctly, I now interview artist instead of just talk about them.


I struck up a friendship with the producer of All Twang TV one night on Twitter after going on a rant. We talked music for two weeks when he asked me if I’d be interested in being the Oklahoma/Texas/Arkansas correspondent. Heck yes I’d be interested! But it wasn’t that easy and that quick on me making a decision… I was scared. Of course I can talk to anyone but talking to just anyone with a camera in my face? That thought scared the crap out of me and it still does even though I’ve already done two interviews. I know that the more I do the more easy it’ll be but until I get fully used to it, you can laugh at my nervousness when you watch the interviews.


I mentioned I had already completed two interviews… My first one was Rich O’Toole and let me tell you, I don’t think I could have chose a nicer more laid back person to interview my first time. Rich and I had kept in contact after one of his shows and he became more of a friend to me than me being a fan and him being an artist, when I approached him with the idea of me interviewing him he jumped at the chance. the interview went great and hopefully by the first of next month you guys will be able to view it.


My second interview was with up and coming artist Kaleb McIntire. I had seen the Missouri native several times in concert and was intrigued by his bad boy image so when his manager hit me up about interviewing him I couldn’t say no. I had some questions for him! Kaleb was such a great artist to interview and even played two of my favorite songs acoustic that you guys will hopefully see soon.


You can view my interviews along with several others. All you got to do is go to YouTube, type in the search bar, All Twang TV and then you can choose which episode you want from the results that pop up. Please subscribe to the channel as well and you’ll also get updates on upcoming shows.


I wasn’t sad to see 2013 go, sure I had some good opportunities but not all was good in ’13. There was heartache, lessons learned (hard lessons learned!) and loss. I had a close friend that was a proud supporter of Red Dirt Lisa pass away. It was unexpected and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him or want to call or text him to tell him when something exciting happens to me. He was always one of the first to know when I had exciting news and that’s what is so hard to swallow now… I know Luke is in Heaven and is making sure I keep in line, there’s a sense of comfort knowing he knows before I do when something good is going to happen in my life.


As I wrap up this blog I wanna share with y’all my new years resolutions and to give you guys a sneak peek at what’s ahead for me in 2014 and what y’all can expect out of me. I plan on driving to Texas and joining Granger Smith this year for his 100 mile Boot Walk, interviewing artist on a special bucket list I have made for myself, helping KTCS with the Make-A-Wish radiothon, having a closer relationship with God, being a better mom to my son and the two most common; losing 15 pounds and getting out of debt(:


Thank y’all so much for your continued support, you’ll never know how much it means to me. Until next time, bye y’all!


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