Wade Bowen!

11 Apr

Hey y’all! I had a very productive weekend starting last Thursday, April 4, 2013. I of course will split up my stories with two different blogs (have tissues handy!) So let me crack my knuckles and get started(:

Last Thursday night I had a hot date with Wade Bowen (not really but it caught your attention didn’t it?) Actually Mr. Bowen and his good looking self was playing a show at the Longhorn Saloon in Ft. Smith and no way I was going to miss it! I first seen Wade last June when he performed at the Rib Room in downtown Ft. Smith and was so smitten I’ve super stalked his website and luckily we got him back to the Arklahoma area so I wouldn’t have to drive (Don’t get it twisted “she’ll follow them all around the world, cause she’s a red dirt girl” fits me to a T)

I’ll be honest with y’all and Wade, he had some songs like ‘Mood Ring’ and ‘If We Ever Make It Home’ that caught my attention but I hadn’t really heard much else from him and was concerned if I was going to like him or not. While at the Rib Room he put on a great show and impressed me with his down home attitude. Afterwards. he signed autographs, took pictures then left. From what I heard that night it gave me incentive to purchase some albums. So I did and I was loving what I was hearing blasting through my speakers. Let me go into detail on not only why I love Wadey McWade but why you should too….

1) Wade has been in the biz for 15 years. Okay… 15 friggin years is a long time but this is where the big 1-5 comes into play… He’s been married to the same woman and has two sweet boys. My point? He’s a family man, loving and caring father and husband all while living his dream and providing for his family. (You single ladies jealous yet?)

2) He’s a proud supporter of the Boot Campaign. This gets me giddy, mostly all of y’all know I’m a huge supporter of the Boot Campaign so when I see an artist show the same support I have for a great cause I get happy happy happy. Go check out his song ‘If We Ever Make It Home’ on the ‘When They Come Back, We Give Back’ Boot Campaign cd and on Wade’s website http://www.wadebowen.com

3) Remember in my blog about my boy Bleu when I said he and Wade wrote ‘Resurrection’ together? Okay, this is one of my most favorite songs by both artist. Bleu keeps it original which is great; Wade keeps you on your toes… it the original lyrics it goes “I woke to dawn washing over Memphis, seeing through the eyes of a newborn child I remember how you always hated Elvis so I might just stay here awhile.” Wade throws in some ad libs, for example he’ll throw in the town he’s playing in to replace Memphis and a random red dirt artist to replace Elvis which most likely will leave the crowd screaming and hollering for more. He’s got that tone about him that you really don’t expect it but you can’t help but love it. Make sense? I hope so!

4) He has by far the best version of ‘Please Come To Boston’. We’re talking it bloooooows Kenny Chesney and David Alan Coe’s versions out of the water. I could listen to it all day long and it never gets old. His voice is so smooth and soft that he makes you feel it and fall in love.

5) His song he wrote when he was just 19 years old ‘Who I Am’ will melt your face smooth off. He can write a good love song that’ll make you swoon, plus he’s easy on the eyes so even better!

Now, those are just the main reasons take what you want from it… So back to the Longhorn show, We went backstage to say hello to Wadey McWade and he is so laid back and down to earth he made it a point to talk to each and everyone of us. We took our picture together and I was a little disappointed. I look like I’d been hit with a Mack truck okay? No way was that photo going on facebook. So Wade was sweet enough to take another picture with me and this was one so damn adorable! We were all asking him what songs he was going to play and a hush fell over us whenever he said he was NOT playing ‘Please Come To Boston’. Listen I don’t care how smoking hot you are, if you leave out that song we will box. That’s right lacing up the ol gloves and thunderdoming it, how could he not sing that song?! Okay well after I had a mini panic attack, he said he’d try to squeeze it in the playlist. (Whooo! Way to keep our heart rate up hottie patottie.) I meekly asked him in my shy school girl voice if he’d play ‘Who I Am’ and he said he’d try. It’s better than a no so I went with it.

We all came back out to the bar and waited for him to take the stage and keep in mind this was a Thursday night show and I think Shannon was a little concerned about a good turn out. This was a fairy medium sized mob of fans and live music listeners, I was impressed with it. Wade came out and kicked off his show with ‘God Bless This Town’ a song about the small town life and the rumors that fly around it. Most of us can relate to that, if not then give it a year you’ll be in a rumor eventually. Wade sang all his fan favorite songs and then drumroll…. ‘Please Come To Boston’ *sigh* you talk about making a lot of folks happy as a puppy with two peeders! Everyone was singing along and there were a couple of two steppers keeping the dance floor hot. A couple of songs later he started strumming his guitar and then I heard “I love to watch the sunset.” My eyes lit up and I melted, he was singing ‘Who I Am’! He added two songs that he didn’t have to but because us fans asked him to he did. If you’re not a fan by now I don’t know what else to do. Oh yeah… maybe this next part of my story…

After his show and his encore, he came out to the merchandise table and signed autographs and took pictures. Do you have kids? Okay well if so you’re gonna like this, I have a four year old who is just a big of a fan of music as me, so if I come home without something for him, he’s mad. I snag up shirts, koozies or stickers for my Leyton Ross. Luckily, Wade had some new kids shirts so I bought Leyton one and waited in line for him to sign it. When it came my turn he took the shirt and laid it out on the table then asked me what my son’s name was. I tell him and he signs it: “Thanks Leyton Never Grow Up! Wade Bowen” You my friend Mr. Wade Bowen not only have me as a fan for life, but you also have a fan in my son. Thank you for that(: Until next time y’all!


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