Micky and the Motorcars

2 Apr

Hey y’all!!! So I had a very busy weekend this past weekend, Friday night I jumped in my little Beetle and flew to Oklahoma City to see my buddies, Micky and the Motorcars. They were rocking the ol Wormy Dog in Bricktown.

If you’ve never been, make it a point to go sometime, with some of the biggest names in red dirt/ Texas music in autographed pictures gracing the wall as you make your entrance to the actual bar or to the sparkly guitar hanging from the ceiling setting off the disco ball effect, it is one of the most talked about saloons in reference to red dirt. After all the original Wormy Dog was in Stillwater, birthplace of red dirt music. Therefore it’s no surprise they brought the red dirt to the city lights and it blended well. The staff, from the bouncers to the bartenders make you feel at home even if you are from the country. You can go upstairs to get a better look of the stage or stay downstairs and dance on the rustic wooden floors. Not a dancer? Take a seat at the bar on a saddle (not a barstool!)

The first time I visited I stopped at Tap Works down the way and had too much to drink… Yeah I don’t remember much of that concert. The second time I went I was completely sober and was amazed at how good it felt to be in an establishment that was laid back and not trashy. (Trust me I’ve been in some establishments I thought I would get hepatitis just sitting near the bar)

Oddly enough, the Wormy Dog wasn’t busy and it was rather depressing. Let me step on my soap box for a minute… I’ve always been a concert goer, and yeah it blows sometimes when it’s so packed you’re thisclose to everyone but when the music starts and the band fires up the crowd you forget being cramped and pissy and have fun with it. Now that being said I’ve been to shows where I’ve been the only person there for about four songs in and it’s rather depressing, not only for me but for the artist. Some of the bars that offer live music bust their butts getting a artist in there to perform and when only a handful of people show up the money spent on said artist plus staff and utilities doesn’y even out or get ahead. If this happens more than a couple of times that establishment simply can’t keep it’s doors open, they go under and the doors shut. So when there is an artist in town and you contemplate going just make the decision to go because there might not be a next time. *Stepping off soap box*

Micky and his Motorcars (that is my name for them) rocked the stage, playing for an hour and a half and even coming back out to do an encore. This makes my second MMC (as they’re sometimes referred to) show to attend. And like some I almost didn’t go because of the three hour drive to the WD. BUT Joe, one of the Motorcars texted and asked if I was coming up. I couldn’t let my friend down so I agreed to go. He was even sweet enough to put me on the guestlist(: Out of courtesy, I paid $10 anyways to the guy at the front door. (I can be sweet when I want to be!)

MMC played some of their songs and covered some of Reckless Kelly’s songs (little tiddy bit for you just in case you’re not familiar with red dirt bands, both bands include Braun brothers) and they did this one song that caught my attention… the melody of it and the lyrics struck a chord and was stuck in my mind. Turns out it was a cover of the late Chris Ledoux’s ‘Tougher Than The Rest’ *sighs* melted my heart!

One of my favorite MMC songs is ‘Careless’ its chorus which helps any heartbreak “Baby I won’t forget you, Baby I never think I could, I was reckless leading you to believe, You were careless when you fell for me.” (You just went to YouTube and listened to it, didn’t you?) It’s okay if you did, you should listen to the others. They make you want to roll the windows down, crank up the volume and drive with the wind blowing through your hair. Frontman, Micky Braun, has that voice that no matter what the emotion is in the song, you feel it and quite frankly there ain’t enough of that in music nowadays. Call me crazy there is more artist in red dirt/ Texas music that make you feel the emotion through lyrics than mainstream country, or as I call it country pop. Now don’t be going and getting your panties in a wad, I like country pop too but my weakness is in the red dirt. Did I mention Micky’s good looks? Shoot, the entire band is easy on the eyes and the talent is busting at the seams in this band. Go catch some videos on YouTube and go catch a show near you. Even if it is three hours away, it’s is worth the drive(: All tour dates, merchandise and info on MMC can be found at http://www.mickyandthemotorcars.com, until next time y’all!!!


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