Bleu Edmondson

2 Apr
Howdy!!!! (in my Minnie Pearl voice) I left y’all hanging from my Friday night experience with the Motorcars didn’t I? How rude of me! I know you’re dying to know how my Saturday night went with Texas rocker Bleu Edmondson so let me get to talking and you get to reading(:
My boy Bleu was playing at the Siloam Springs casino in Siloam Springs Arkansas about an hour and 45 minutes away from good ol Panama Oklahoma. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Damn she did a lot of traveling!’ and my reply to your thought is yeah I did, I paid for my 9 hour road trip to OKC Saturday at work when I slaved over answering phones from 9-5. Talk about torture, I actually fell asleep once and as I relaxed my head slid off my hands and I smoked my face on the phone. I thought I bit through my lip, talk about a rude awakening… So the thought of driving a shorter distance wasn’t so scary, it actually made me feel better knowing my night wouldn’t dip into the wee hours of the next morning.
I had met a girl from my fan page on Facebook and by the time was all said and done we were following one another on Twitter and Instagram. She and I are so similiar it’s scary! Both of us have broken filters and have no problems expressing our opinions, so what better way to hang out than at a Bleu Edmondson concert. I was a little concerned, let’s talk about this for a minute okay? You put two girls together that are full of sarcastic comments and snarky attitudes and what do you get? Well other than a good friendship, you also get the the possibility of jail time, but we both knew we had Easter Sunday the next day and our trip to the county jail would have to wait another time.
I met Robin there in the casino and let me tell you, if you’ve never been you need to check it out. Here’s why… one they have the stage on top of the bar so it’s different (I was impressed but it doesn’t take much) and two if we would’ve gotten there early before the crowd we could’ve gotten a table that came as a cozy retro booth. But we got there a smidge late and had to stand amongst the drunk two steppers. Not too bad when it’s just as entertaining as the act above the bar(:
I seen Bleu back in late July and was so impressed with him. We’re talking I drove 6 hours to Wichita Falls Texas by myself to watch a singer I’d only seen once on a live Ragweed dvd. Of course I’d heard his songs, a fan favorite that’s done best live ‘$50 and a Flask of Crown’ and the dark ‘Finger on the Trigger’ written by red dirt legend Brandon Jenkins are just two to name. So, before I made that six hour drive I did do some research on this feller. I went and bought his Live at Billy Bob’s dvd/cd combo at Cavenders Western Wear (it can be purchased on the Billy Bob’s website as well as other red dirt artist) and creeped his website I did so much research on this guy the FBI would’ve been jealous! I ended up ordering all his cd’s, four to be exact; ‘The Band Plays On’, ‘Southland’, ‘Lost Boy’ and his most recent ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’. His earlier music on ‘The Band Plays On’  and ‘Southland’ are a bit more… I don’t want to say twangy but they sound more country-ish. (I’m bad with words right now) and they aren’t bad so don’t take it like they are. I just don’t really care for his earlier stuff.
That being said… let me tell you why… Bleu is a wild card to red dirt/Texas music, he’s more of a rocker and when I listen to his earlier stuff I feel like he doesn’t fit in with the sound that was being played through my speakers, as soon as I put in ‘Lost Boy’ I could tell a difference in his sound, the lyrics, his voice. He went from sounding like country to more rocker-ish, and the lyrics were more deep. It fit perfectly, now I’m not saying those songs sucked because I feel like if he added his rocker sound and raspy sexy voice to them it’d sound better and more like a Bleu song. He has a different way of telling a story in song, he’s like a poet. Maybe that’s why I love his music as much as him, he doesn’t give a damn. He’s raw and honest, I like it. Some don’t and that’s fine not everyone has to like the same stuff, you smelling what I’m stepping in? A favorite of mine is a song he co-wrote with Wade Bowen called ‘Resurrection’ Bleu says it’s a song about his life and by listening to it, anyone that has ever went through a bad break-up can relate, let me sing it to you:
I’ve died a thousand times since you left me
And I’ve stared down the barrel of a loaded gun
I caught a midnight ride, headed somewhere
To be born again with the rising of the southern sun.
There’s that raw and honest feeling I was talking about. What sets Bleu apart from other artist is he has that Americana sound, I get goosebumps when I hear him sing. Did I mention in the winter he can grow a mean, sexy beard? *sighs* Something about a bearded man… Okay anyways back to music, On ‘Lost Boy’ you can also find his songs ‘Last, Last Time’ (also a fan favorite) ‘Jesus Is Crying’ and ‘American Saint’.
His newest album ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is so far my absolute favorite. Once again, he uses that songwriting that’s different to tell a story in every song and now he’s perfected that sound that you start to fall for on ‘Lost Boy’. The rocker feel is now even rockier and his voice is even raspier (yes I just made that word up!) I love every one of the songs that are on the album, especially ‘Not Afraid To Be Alone’,
I swear that I’ve been cursed by some passin’ Gypsy clan
I toss away the purest hearts when I hold em in my hand
I tell myself I’m better off now, then I get to goin’ crazy
I’m not afraid to be alone, I’m scared to death of being lonely.
Now let’s get back to where I was before I started bragging, while doing my in depth research I was shocked to learn that Bleu is vey shy off stage. This striked my interest, I wanted to meet him. I was fortunate enough to catch Bleu before the show while he was having a beer at the bar. I introduced myself and asked if I could ask some questions, this super nice guy answered my questions and was sweet enough to chit chat with me! It made that long 6 hour drive so worth it! Now, I’ve seen him twice since and he’s never failed to disapppoint on performing.  Not even in Siloam Springs.
He came on stage and rocked it! I was surprised at the crowd, it was crowded and people were singing along. I’m not saying he isn’t popular in Arkansas or Oklahoma but sometimes when I mention Bleu Edmondson I get “Who’s that?” but most of the people I talk to don’t listen to much red dirt/ Texas music like me. So I make it a point to talk about his live shows; they rock and he’s never done the same show twice not to mention how talented he is as not only a performer but also a songwriter. It’d be great if others took to his music like me and Robin, he’d be a whole lot more popular around this area. Speaking of songwriting… He sang us some new tunes that will hopefully all make their way onto his next album.
 Like I said he’s never disappointed me at any show, you get your money’s worth and you leave with a melted face (that could be just me…. Did I mention he’s a hottie patottie? I figured but couldn’t remember.) He’s also a supporter of the Boot Campaign which is icing on the already thumbs up cake. If you wanna check him out live, go to  and look at his tour schedule and while there go get a gander at his merchandise (all albums excluding Live at Billy Bob’s are for sale) Until next time y’all!!!!

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