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Yee Yeeing and gettin’ Redneck Crazy!

18 Apr

Hey y’all! I hope you guys have been doing good, me I’ve been creeping Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram keeping up with the artists and what’s going on in the world of music. I hit the jackpot this week(: Casey Donahew Band and Granger Smith released new albums on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 and Tyler Farr and Earl Dibbles Jr. released new music videos. Now I haven’t got my grubby hands on the newest albums BUT my good friend Adam has and he says he couldn’t get enough of each (I know I’m slacking on the album buying process) but I’ll be going this weekend to watch Casey Donahew Band live and snag their newest CD and then I’ll just swing on by Hastings and score me a copy of Granger Smith. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of both albums shortly.

So I mentioned new videos… Now I’m going back to Granger Smith for a minute… If you’re not familiar with Granger, let me keep it short and sweet with you, Granger has an alter ego named Earl Dibbles Jr. and it’s rumored that Granger does half the show as himself which is normally him acting like any other red blooded Texan then halfway through the show he goes back and changes into a pair of overalls, white wifebeater tank top, boots and painted on tattoos, comes back out onstage and brings the house down with his cracking a cold one, putting a good dip in and YEE- YEE-ing (a two worded chant that has become familiar in most households). I’ve yet to attend a Granger/Earl show but I have one in my sights May 23rd in Fayetteville (keep your eyes peeled for that blog!)

My cousin introduced me to Earl. I had heard of Granger and loved what he was putting out and I was slightly confused about if Granger and Earl were twins (I know I know, I’m a true ditz sometimes) I watched the video for ‘The Country Boy Song’ and was cackling and gigglesnorting throughout the entire video. Right now stop what you’re doing and go YouTube it! The line:

I keep a twelve gauge by my water bed,
Cause the next trailer over lives a meth head, uh huh
And that ain’t biscuits he’s cookin’

I lose it every time I hear it, we’re talking howling with laughter (you gotta know the county I live in to fully understand the humor in the line. However, if you live in a trailer park or small town you can probably relate.) I have watched the video countless times and was wondering if he would come out with more music. And then the music Gods heard me and presented ‘Country Boy Love’. This video is just…. well I’ll tell you this I was gigglesnorting then gagged then cackled by the end of it. In that order too(: My advice to you is to go watch it and keep an open mind, it might seem stupid at first but before you start bashing and turning your nose up, keep in mind it is for fun and it is making him extra money because fans can’t get enough of Earl. So crack a cold one, put a good dip in and YEE YEE!

Now I’m gonna talk about Tyler Farr… This feller, has it going on. He waltzed into the music scene with his popular song ‘Hello Goodbye’ and whoooooed over all the ladies with his cutie patootie good looks and country boy attitude and let’s not forget his list of friends caught our attention as well. (Lee Brice, Randy Houser and Jarrod Niemann) Remember all those social media networking sites I mentioned above? Well you can find Tyler Farr on all of those so go follow and keep up with what’s going on!

After Tyler came out with ‘Hello Goodbye’ I was pretty much hooked like a trophy bass. Let’s list the reasons (for the ladies, y’all guys probably won’t be too amused with my reasons for being hooked) 1) He’s got a beard 2) He sings country music 3) he looks good in camo 4) he roots for the Georgia Bulldogs. I think I got my point across and he for sure got my attention when I seen him wearing a UGA ball cap in a picture. I thought quietly to myself: “Yep this feller needs me as a fan. Yes sir, you are welcome!” (Come on you laughed!) Anywho, my buddy Brad texted me one day and this was our conversation:

Brad: Have you heard of Tyler Farr’s song ‘Redneck Crazy’?
Me: No is it good?
Brad: It reminds me of something you would do, go listen to it.
Me: Ohhhhhh emmmmmm geeeeeee, this ought to be good…

When I hear the term ‘Redneck Crazy’ so many possibilities come to mind… getting drunk, getting mad and jacking some stuff up with anger. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or concerned with Brad’s observation of my redneck attitude I flaunt ever so often, so I YouTubed the song. I was expecting high energy with craziness but instead I got a guys point of view on how he feels about his ex girlfriend shacking up with another guy and how he plots his revenge on letting them both know he’s Mr. Pissy Pants and he doesn’t care who knows about it. I’m digging it… I could totally see myself getting my heart broke and being drove redneck crazy (Right on Brad!) So I started super stalking Mr. Farr on every social media networking site imaginable. (Listen before you start preaching to me about super stalking the cops haven’t caught me yet so it’s still technically legal!)

Behold, on Twitter and Instagram Tyler starts posting pics of him, fellow country rapper Colt Ford, Lee Brice and my fave Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander and star of A&E’s hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’. So many beards in one place I got all kinds of excited! (someone bring me a fan!) Cue the week or so of pictures, tweets and updates on the making of the video for ‘Redneck Crazy’, just when I’d almost forgotten about the video Tyler posted it on his website for all to view.

45 minutes later I got to view it… (my phone service was not at its best) It’s pretty much Tyler, Colt, Lee and Willie planning this route to his ex girlfriends house to sabotage her romantic night with her new boyfriend. and of course there’s mud flying, beards flapping in the wind, and several ATV’s. There is a lot of humor to the video cause when you listen to the song you can relate, especially if you’ve gotten your heart broke due to a cheating lover, you know exactly the feeling he’s talking about. But the light humor in the video reminds us that there is a funny side especially when revenge is involved. And did I mention, it shows Tyler rolling over Lee’s Rhino? (gigglesnort) Overall, the video will make anyone who is having a bad day happy happy happy! Bye y’all!

Lyrics to ‘Redneck Crazy’
Gonna drive like hell through your neighborhood
Park this Silverado on your front lawn
Crank up a little Hank, sit on the hood and drink
I’m about to get my pissed off on

I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight
You know you broke the wrong heart baby, and drove me redneck crazy

Wish I knew how long it’s been going on
How long you’ve been getting some on the side
Nah, he can’t amount to much by the look of that little truck
Well he wont be getting any sleep tonight

I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight
You know you broke the wrong heart baby, and drove me redneck crazy
Redneck crazy

Did you think I’d wish you both the best, endless love and happiness
You know that’s just not the kind of man I am
I’m the kind that shows up at your house at 3am

I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight
You gone and broke the wrong heart baby, and drove me redneck crazy
You drove me redneck crazy, oh


Make-A-Wish Radiothon 2013

16 Apr

Howdy do y’all! So this blog will be a little different than my others and it means a lot to me to tell the story. You might want to grab a box of tissues and most likely I myself will shed a few tears typing it to tell it to you.

As most of y’all know, I talk about red dirt/Texas music on KTCS 99.9 and I think I’ve mentioned it to y’all before in a previous blog, music and radio are very big dreams of mine. I think its the coolest thing to be on the radio talking about music, even if it is for 2-3 minutes everyday. It’s a privilege to do it in my book, but that’s just me. When I was asked to come in studio and help out with the Make-A-Wish Radiothon I jumped at the opportunity, I love the foundation and what good it does.

I went in at 6:00 a.m. and sat in with DC, and one of the Make-A-Wish coordinators. Then in walks this little boy 8 year old boy named Christian and his dad. Christian has a life threatening illness and while I didn’t ask what it was, it didn’t matter. This little boy is just adorable! Last year he got his wish granted and so him and his entire family went to Disneyland, he was a little shy talking on the radio but who wouldn’t be?! (I kinda was cause I was not used to in studio talking) then his dad started talking about Christian and I lost it. Yep, me crying on the radio… I didn’t break down and bawl but I did tear up. As soon as I heard his voice crack the lump entered my throat and I almost lost it. Of course I was aware of the Make-A-Wish foundation and the good they do for children with life threatening illnesses, I donate every year. I knew that going in studio I’d see firsthand the kids and hear the stories BUT nothing could prepare me for the reality of the situation. Being a parent, you pray that your kids are healthy and the worst thing you have to see them go through are their shots, but all the kids on the Make-A-Wish list go through more than we could ever imagine. They don’t know how to be a kid, they get poked and prodded with needles, spend most of their time in a hospital undergoing rounds and rounds of chemo and radiation. It’s awful.

Just in Arkansas alone was 150 kids on the list waiting to get their wishes granted. 25 in the Arklahoma area, it costs nearly $5,000 to grant just one wish and it varies what the kids want. Some want to take trips, some want to go shopping. Whatever the case, the kids deserve their wish. And their parents deserve the peace of mind of knowing that their child will get to enjoy being a kid for the day and make a ton of memories while doing it. Which leads me to the next story… Elisha (pronounced Elijah) wanted to go to Hawaii but his Dr. wouldn’t clear him to fly (I asked why and some medications the kids take doesn’t mix well with the altitude change and can make them terribly sick) so the next thing on his list was to be in a TV commercial. It was planned for him to come in studio and Channel 5 News was going to record him finding out he was getting his wish granted. Unfortunately, he was sick the night before and couldn’t make it in, I was broken hearted! Then I found out he was from the town I live in, so it’s still my main mission to meet him. I want to hug his neck and tell him I admire him for being brave and such an inspiration to all of us. After all we could learn a lot from kids like Christian and Elisha.

Before I left at 11:30 that day, I sat in with jockey, Brad Kelley and met Landon and his dad. Landon was 17 when he found out he had cancer. He’s now 18 and just recently finished up chemo and radiation, of course he still has to go back for check-up’s and all that but all that shows from his cancer is a small scar on his wrist and the peach fuzz growing back on his head. His wish was also granted last year, it was to meet the founder of the wrestling federation. He got to fly out to Los Angeles and do everything that is related to wrestling. It was a pleasure meeting Landon and his dad and they will forever be in my heart and prayers.

I left to go home and take some time to gear up to go back at 5:50 to bring in the last 10 minutes of the Radiothon. While at home, I had my radio set to listen to the rest of the stories and updates on the donations coming in. One song in particular that always tugs at my heartstrings is ‘Ronin’ by Taylor Swift… if you haven’t heard it, please go to YouTube and look it up. Have a box of tissues handy cause you’re going to need it. The line “I love you to the moon and back” gets me every time. Me and my own son share that saying and for the entire song I feel like it’d be me singing it if it was my son that was sick.

When I went back at 5:50 they were playing it and that little lump that was in my throat from earlier came back, as I walked in the station the mood was sad. The one time I had my CD player going instead of listening to the radio I missed the saddest story of the day. A mother of a Make-A-Wish kid had just called in and was urging people to donate. Her son had his wish granted a few years back there in the KTCS station, unfortunately he lost his battle to cancer a couple of months ago. It’s never easy seeing someone go, it’s like no matter what age they should never pass, they should live forever. So when it’s a child, it’s harder. They have so much life left to live and they’ve spent most of their life fighting for that next breath like its their last. That’s why the foundation is so important, they can enjoy a day or two not worrying about doctors, needles, being sick and not being able to enjoy childhood.

As the six o’clock hour approached the phone calls were still rolling in. They announced the grand total a little after six… $57,317.88 was raised in a months time from people calling in donating, going to the remotes the station would have at various locations. Y’all’s money helped grant a little over 11 wishes! Feel proud of yourself cause I did. Its an overwhelming feeling to know you made a difference in a childs life. I smile thinking about the kids finding out they get their wish and then get emotional thinking of the parent’s faces and how they’re feeling knowing their child gets their wish and they get to make family memories that last a lifetime.

If you donated, give yourself a pat on the back, if you didn’t don’t feel bad. There’s always next year or you can go to their website and set up a account where a certain amount comes out of your checking account each month. Until next time y’all(:

Wade Bowen!

11 Apr

Hey y’all! I had a very productive weekend starting last Thursday, April 4, 2013. I of course will split up my stories with two different blogs (have tissues handy!) So let me crack my knuckles and get started(:

Last Thursday night I had a hot date with Wade Bowen (not really but it caught your attention didn’t it?) Actually Mr. Bowen and his good looking self was playing a show at the Longhorn Saloon in Ft. Smith and no way I was going to miss it! I first seen Wade last June when he performed at the Rib Room in downtown Ft. Smith and was so smitten I’ve super stalked his website and luckily we got him back to the Arklahoma area so I wouldn’t have to drive (Don’t get it twisted “she’ll follow them all around the world, cause she’s a red dirt girl” fits me to a T)

I’ll be honest with y’all and Wade, he had some songs like ‘Mood Ring’ and ‘If We Ever Make It Home’ that caught my attention but I hadn’t really heard much else from him and was concerned if I was going to like him or not. While at the Rib Room he put on a great show and impressed me with his down home attitude. Afterwards. he signed autographs, took pictures then left. From what I heard that night it gave me incentive to purchase some albums. So I did and I was loving what I was hearing blasting through my speakers. Let me go into detail on not only why I love Wadey McWade but why you should too….

1) Wade has been in the biz for 15 years. Okay… 15 friggin years is a long time but this is where the big 1-5 comes into play… He’s been married to the same woman and has two sweet boys. My point? He’s a family man, loving and caring father and husband all while living his dream and providing for his family. (You single ladies jealous yet?)

2) He’s a proud supporter of the Boot Campaign. This gets me giddy, mostly all of y’all know I’m a huge supporter of the Boot Campaign so when I see an artist show the same support I have for a great cause I get happy happy happy. Go check out his song ‘If We Ever Make It Home’ on the ‘When They Come Back, We Give Back’ Boot Campaign cd and on Wade’s website

3) Remember in my blog about my boy Bleu when I said he and Wade wrote ‘Resurrection’ together? Okay, this is one of my most favorite songs by both artist. Bleu keeps it original which is great; Wade keeps you on your toes… it the original lyrics it goes “I woke to dawn washing over Memphis, seeing through the eyes of a newborn child I remember how you always hated Elvis so I might just stay here awhile.” Wade throws in some ad libs, for example he’ll throw in the town he’s playing in to replace Memphis and a random red dirt artist to replace Elvis which most likely will leave the crowd screaming and hollering for more. He’s got that tone about him that you really don’t expect it but you can’t help but love it. Make sense? I hope so!

4) He has by far the best version of ‘Please Come To Boston’. We’re talking it bloooooows Kenny Chesney and David Alan Coe’s versions out of the water. I could listen to it all day long and it never gets old. His voice is so smooth and soft that he makes you feel it and fall in love.

5) His song he wrote when he was just 19 years old ‘Who I Am’ will melt your face smooth off. He can write a good love song that’ll make you swoon, plus he’s easy on the eyes so even better!

Now, those are just the main reasons take what you want from it… So back to the Longhorn show, We went backstage to say hello to Wadey McWade and he is so laid back and down to earth he made it a point to talk to each and everyone of us. We took our picture together and I was a little disappointed. I look like I’d been hit with a Mack truck okay? No way was that photo going on facebook. So Wade was sweet enough to take another picture with me and this was one so damn adorable! We were all asking him what songs he was going to play and a hush fell over us whenever he said he was NOT playing ‘Please Come To Boston’. Listen I don’t care how smoking hot you are, if you leave out that song we will box. That’s right lacing up the ol gloves and thunderdoming it, how could he not sing that song?! Okay well after I had a mini panic attack, he said he’d try to squeeze it in the playlist. (Whooo! Way to keep our heart rate up hottie patottie.) I meekly asked him in my shy school girl voice if he’d play ‘Who I Am’ and he said he’d try. It’s better than a no so I went with it.

We all came back out to the bar and waited for him to take the stage and keep in mind this was a Thursday night show and I think Shannon was a little concerned about a good turn out. This was a fairy medium sized mob of fans and live music listeners, I was impressed with it. Wade came out and kicked off his show with ‘God Bless This Town’ a song about the small town life and the rumors that fly around it. Most of us can relate to that, if not then give it a year you’ll be in a rumor eventually. Wade sang all his fan favorite songs and then drumroll…. ‘Please Come To Boston’ *sigh* you talk about making a lot of folks happy as a puppy with two peeders! Everyone was singing along and there were a couple of two steppers keeping the dance floor hot. A couple of songs later he started strumming his guitar and then I heard “I love to watch the sunset.” My eyes lit up and I melted, he was singing ‘Who I Am’! He added two songs that he didn’t have to but because us fans asked him to he did. If you’re not a fan by now I don’t know what else to do. Oh yeah… maybe this next part of my story…

After his show and his encore, he came out to the merchandise table and signed autographs and took pictures. Do you have kids? Okay well if so you’re gonna like this, I have a four year old who is just a big of a fan of music as me, so if I come home without something for him, he’s mad. I snag up shirts, koozies or stickers for my Leyton Ross. Luckily, Wade had some new kids shirts so I bought Leyton one and waited in line for him to sign it. When it came my turn he took the shirt and laid it out on the table then asked me what my son’s name was. I tell him and he signs it: “Thanks Leyton Never Grow Up! Wade Bowen” You my friend Mr. Wade Bowen not only have me as a fan for life, but you also have a fan in my son. Thank you for that(: Until next time y’all!

Bleu Edmondson

2 Apr
Howdy!!!! (in my Minnie Pearl voice) I left y’all hanging from my Friday night experience with the Motorcars didn’t I? How rude of me! I know you’re dying to know how my Saturday night went with Texas rocker Bleu Edmondson so let me get to talking and you get to reading(:
My boy Bleu was playing at the Siloam Springs casino in Siloam Springs Arkansas about an hour and 45 minutes away from good ol Panama Oklahoma. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Damn she did a lot of traveling!’ and my reply to your thought is yeah I did, I paid for my 9 hour road trip to OKC Saturday at work when I slaved over answering phones from 9-5. Talk about torture, I actually fell asleep once and as I relaxed my head slid off my hands and I smoked my face on the phone. I thought I bit through my lip, talk about a rude awakening… So the thought of driving a shorter distance wasn’t so scary, it actually made me feel better knowing my night wouldn’t dip into the wee hours of the next morning.
I had met a girl from my fan page on Facebook and by the time was all said and done we were following one another on Twitter and Instagram. She and I are so similiar it’s scary! Both of us have broken filters and have no problems expressing our opinions, so what better way to hang out than at a Bleu Edmondson concert. I was a little concerned, let’s talk about this for a minute okay? You put two girls together that are full of sarcastic comments and snarky attitudes and what do you get? Well other than a good friendship, you also get the the possibility of jail time, but we both knew we had Easter Sunday the next day and our trip to the county jail would have to wait another time.
I met Robin there in the casino and let me tell you, if you’ve never been you need to check it out. Here’s why… one they have the stage on top of the bar so it’s different (I was impressed but it doesn’t take much) and two if we would’ve gotten there early before the crowd we could’ve gotten a table that came as a cozy retro booth. But we got there a smidge late and had to stand amongst the drunk two steppers. Not too bad when it’s just as entertaining as the act above the bar(:
I seen Bleu back in late July and was so impressed with him. We’re talking I drove 6 hours to Wichita Falls Texas by myself to watch a singer I’d only seen once on a live Ragweed dvd. Of course I’d heard his songs, a fan favorite that’s done best live ‘$50 and a Flask of Crown’ and the dark ‘Finger on the Trigger’ written by red dirt legend Brandon Jenkins are just two to name. So, before I made that six hour drive I did do some research on this feller. I went and bought his Live at Billy Bob’s dvd/cd combo at Cavenders Western Wear (it can be purchased on the Billy Bob’s website as well as other red dirt artist) and creeped his website I did so much research on this guy the FBI would’ve been jealous! I ended up ordering all his cd’s, four to be exact; ‘The Band Plays On’, ‘Southland’, ‘Lost Boy’ and his most recent ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’. His earlier music on ‘The Band Plays On’  and ‘Southland’ are a bit more… I don’t want to say twangy but they sound more country-ish. (I’m bad with words right now) and they aren’t bad so don’t take it like they are. I just don’t really care for his earlier stuff.
That being said… let me tell you why… Bleu is a wild card to red dirt/Texas music, he’s more of a rocker and when I listen to his earlier stuff I feel like he doesn’t fit in with the sound that was being played through my speakers, as soon as I put in ‘Lost Boy’ I could tell a difference in his sound, the lyrics, his voice. He went from sounding like country to more rocker-ish, and the lyrics were more deep. It fit perfectly, now I’m not saying those songs sucked because I feel like if he added his rocker sound and raspy sexy voice to them it’d sound better and more like a Bleu song. He has a different way of telling a story in song, he’s like a poet. Maybe that’s why I love his music as much as him, he doesn’t give a damn. He’s raw and honest, I like it. Some don’t and that’s fine not everyone has to like the same stuff, you smelling what I’m stepping in? A favorite of mine is a song he co-wrote with Wade Bowen called ‘Resurrection’ Bleu says it’s a song about his life and by listening to it, anyone that has ever went through a bad break-up can relate, let me sing it to you:
I’ve died a thousand times since you left me
And I’ve stared down the barrel of a loaded gun
I caught a midnight ride, headed somewhere
To be born again with the rising of the southern sun.
There’s that raw and honest feeling I was talking about. What sets Bleu apart from other artist is he has that Americana sound, I get goosebumps when I hear him sing. Did I mention in the winter he can grow a mean, sexy beard? *sighs* Something about a bearded man… Okay anyways back to music, On ‘Lost Boy’ you can also find his songs ‘Last, Last Time’ (also a fan favorite) ‘Jesus Is Crying’ and ‘American Saint’.
His newest album ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is so far my absolute favorite. Once again, he uses that songwriting that’s different to tell a story in every song and now he’s perfected that sound that you start to fall for on ‘Lost Boy’. The rocker feel is now even rockier and his voice is even raspier (yes I just made that word up!) I love every one of the songs that are on the album, especially ‘Not Afraid To Be Alone’,
I swear that I’ve been cursed by some passin’ Gypsy clan
I toss away the purest hearts when I hold em in my hand
I tell myself I’m better off now, then I get to goin’ crazy
I’m not afraid to be alone, I’m scared to death of being lonely.
Now let’s get back to where I was before I started bragging, while doing my in depth research I was shocked to learn that Bleu is vey shy off stage. This striked my interest, I wanted to meet him. I was fortunate enough to catch Bleu before the show while he was having a beer at the bar. I introduced myself and asked if I could ask some questions, this super nice guy answered my questions and was sweet enough to chit chat with me! It made that long 6 hour drive so worth it! Now, I’ve seen him twice since and he’s never failed to disapppoint on performing.  Not even in Siloam Springs.
He came on stage and rocked it! I was surprised at the crowd, it was crowded and people were singing along. I’m not saying he isn’t popular in Arkansas or Oklahoma but sometimes when I mention Bleu Edmondson I get “Who’s that?” but most of the people I talk to don’t listen to much red dirt/ Texas music like me. So I make it a point to talk about his live shows; they rock and he’s never done the same show twice not to mention how talented he is as not only a performer but also a songwriter. It’d be great if others took to his music like me and Robin, he’d be a whole lot more popular around this area. Speaking of songwriting… He sang us some new tunes that will hopefully all make their way onto his next album.
 Like I said he’s never disappointed me at any show, you get your money’s worth and you leave with a melted face (that could be just me…. Did I mention he’s a hottie patottie? I figured but couldn’t remember.) He’s also a supporter of the Boot Campaign which is icing on the already thumbs up cake. If you wanna check him out live, go to  and look at his tour schedule and while there go get a gander at his merchandise (all albums excluding Live at Billy Bob’s are for sale) Until next time y’all!!!!

Micky and the Motorcars

2 Apr

Hey y’all!!! So I had a very busy weekend this past weekend, Friday night I jumped in my little Beetle and flew to Oklahoma City to see my buddies, Micky and the Motorcars. They were rocking the ol Wormy Dog in Bricktown.

If you’ve never been, make it a point to go sometime, with some of the biggest names in red dirt/ Texas music in autographed pictures gracing the wall as you make your entrance to the actual bar or to the sparkly guitar hanging from the ceiling setting off the disco ball effect, it is one of the most talked about saloons in reference to red dirt. After all the original Wormy Dog was in Stillwater, birthplace of red dirt music. Therefore it’s no surprise they brought the red dirt to the city lights and it blended well. The staff, from the bouncers to the bartenders make you feel at home even if you are from the country. You can go upstairs to get a better look of the stage or stay downstairs and dance on the rustic wooden floors. Not a dancer? Take a seat at the bar on a saddle (not a barstool!)

The first time I visited I stopped at Tap Works down the way and had too much to drink… Yeah I don’t remember much of that concert. The second time I went I was completely sober and was amazed at how good it felt to be in an establishment that was laid back and not trashy. (Trust me I’ve been in some establishments I thought I would get hepatitis just sitting near the bar)

Oddly enough, the Wormy Dog wasn’t busy and it was rather depressing. Let me step on my soap box for a minute… I’ve always been a concert goer, and yeah it blows sometimes when it’s so packed you’re thisclose to everyone but when the music starts and the band fires up the crowd you forget being cramped and pissy and have fun with it. Now that being said I’ve been to shows where I’ve been the only person there for about four songs in and it’s rather depressing, not only for me but for the artist. Some of the bars that offer live music bust their butts getting a artist in there to perform and when only a handful of people show up the money spent on said artist plus staff and utilities doesn’y even out or get ahead. If this happens more than a couple of times that establishment simply can’t keep it’s doors open, they go under and the doors shut. So when there is an artist in town and you contemplate going just make the decision to go because there might not be a next time. *Stepping off soap box*

Micky and his Motorcars (that is my name for them) rocked the stage, playing for an hour and a half and even coming back out to do an encore. This makes my second MMC (as they’re sometimes referred to) show to attend. And like some I almost didn’t go because of the three hour drive to the WD. BUT Joe, one of the Motorcars texted and asked if I was coming up. I couldn’t let my friend down so I agreed to go. He was even sweet enough to put me on the guestlist(: Out of courtesy, I paid $10 anyways to the guy at the front door. (I can be sweet when I want to be!)

MMC played some of their songs and covered some of Reckless Kelly’s songs (little tiddy bit for you just in case you’re not familiar with red dirt bands, both bands include Braun brothers) and they did this one song that caught my attention… the melody of it and the lyrics struck a chord and was stuck in my mind. Turns out it was a cover of the late Chris Ledoux’s ‘Tougher Than The Rest’ *sighs* melted my heart!

One of my favorite MMC songs is ‘Careless’ its chorus which helps any heartbreak “Baby I won’t forget you, Baby I never think I could, I was reckless leading you to believe, You were careless when you fell for me.” (You just went to YouTube and listened to it, didn’t you?) It’s okay if you did, you should listen to the others. They make you want to roll the windows down, crank up the volume and drive with the wind blowing through your hair. Frontman, Micky Braun, has that voice that no matter what the emotion is in the song, you feel it and quite frankly there ain’t enough of that in music nowadays. Call me crazy there is more artist in red dirt/ Texas music that make you feel the emotion through lyrics than mainstream country, or as I call it country pop. Now don’t be going and getting your panties in a wad, I like country pop too but my weakness is in the red dirt. Did I mention Micky’s good looks? Shoot, the entire band is easy on the eyes and the talent is busting at the seams in this band. Go catch some videos on YouTube and go catch a show near you. Even if it is three hours away, it’s is worth the drive(: All tour dates, merchandise and info on MMC can be found at, until next time y’all!!!