Bellamy Brothers

25 Mar
Hey hey y’all! So I told y’all that I had been visiting some shows, well have I got a treat for y’all! This past weekend some friends and I loaded up and traveled to the Longhorn Saloon in Ft. Smith to watch the Bellamy Brothers. That’s right, I said Bellamy Brothers. Now I know they’ve been around for some time but let me tell you, you cannot beat good music like that with a stick. You see, the Bellamy Brothers were at the Longhorn Saloon here awhile back and there was an overwhelming response to them so Shannon, the owner booked them again and they brought their a-game back to Arkansas.
I missed the first time they were close to home and I hated it. All I heard afterwards were people talking about how good they were and how good of a show they put on. So when it was announced they were coming back I knew I wasn’t going to miss them again.
When you hear the name Bellamy Brothers you automatically think of ‘Gimme A Redneck Girl’ or ‘Let Your Love Flow’ and well you know they’ve been around for some time. 38 years to be exact, ‘Let Your Love Flow’ went #1 in 1976 (I was just as shocked as you are right now.) But let me tell you something…. 38 years later they still have it. You hear their songs on the radio still to this day and the way they sound on those records that are thirty some odd years old, they still sound that same way. Their voices haven’t aged and neither has their sound. Which when you’re an artist, thats good especially for your career and for your fans.
Now I’m 28 years old, and when I say this I mean nothing bad about it so for y’all reading don’t get your feathers ruffled, I knew there would be older people there. That’s a given, they’ve had the same fans plus new ones for 38 years! But what I was shocked to see was there were fans there my age if not younger singing along, knowing all the words to the songs and cheering. This makes my chest swell with pride (hold your jokes and laughter!) simply because, the fans my age and younger know good country music when they hear it. They were raised with good music morals and that’s a good quality to have when you’re looking for a good ol country boy (or girl for all you guys reading this) to dance with or to get cozy with(:  
Will I ever go back to a Bellamy Brothers concert? Hell yes! Will I encourage others to still buy their music and support them when they come back to town? Of course, and you should too. You might curl your nose because they ain’t Luke, Jason or Carrie but they had to look at someone for musical inspiration! On a lighter note, I still dont know the ‘Reggae Cowboy’! Someone needs to teach me(: 


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