25 Mar

Hey y’all!!! So I have been busy with buying new albums and visiting some concerts so be prepared for some new reading material the next couple of days! So, I’m pretty sure my last blog I said I was going to start blogging about more stuff than just concerts, let me get started(:

Now, I’m a fan of Mr. Dirt Road aka Jason Aldean. I’ve bought every one of his albums and he does have some good songs that fit any mood one could be in. Happy, sad, heartbroken, you know all the emotions. So when he released his latest album ‘Night Train’ I was hesitant. I jam out to his first release off the album ‘Take A Little Ride’ its fun; makes you wanna grab a beer and a backroad. I bought it and wasn’t disappointed, yeah there were some songs I was like ‘Eh’ but the more you listen to em the more you like them. I was really surprised he released ‘The Only Way I Know’ featuring previous tour mate Luke Bryan and pal Eric Church but it was successful for all three artist and it became a fan favorite just like ‘Take A Little Ride’. Here’s where things take a turn for the worse…

Let me start out with the good okay? Jason has some good perks with me. One, he’s a Georgia boy! Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a boy from the south especially a Georgia boy. Two, he’s a hottie patottie! Those earrings and the way he shakes his country booty while on stage *sigh*. Three, he’s a hunter, fisher and looks good in camoflauge, need I say more?! (Cue the dun dun dunnnn music right now for this next part) He’s got all these good quirks and then he released the single ‘1994’. Holy guacamola, whoever thought this would be a good move for Jason’s career must’ve been hitting the crack pipe! Do y’all remember when Jason released ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ previously recorded by Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert? Okay, he doesnt have the best luck at rapping so I can only imagine someone lied to him telling him he had it going on cause let’s be honest, he don’t.

‘1994’ has that effect on most, you know the one where you hear it and it’s so freaking catchy it’s stuck in your head for the rest of the day and you can’t help but bob your head and say “Joe Joe Joe Diffee!” at random times. Just me? Well that’s unfortunate… I’m guilty as one that when it does come on I move my head with the music and get into it without noticing, but then again I do that to a lot of songs. As a matter of fact, it just came on the radio… cue me dancing in my chair and causing a frenzy with the chanting of Joe Diffee.

If I could pick an artist that could pull it off it’d have to be Thomas Rhett. Ironically, his daddy Rhett Akins help pen the tune ‘1994’ and I’m basing it on his own little rap ditty ‘Front Porch Junkie’ (If you haven’t heard it, YouTube it. I know every word by heart and rock out to it on road trips) however, I don’t see myself doing the same with ‘1994’ and that’s The Truth! (Like what I did there? I know I’m corny but you smiled!) Until next time y’all!


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