Hey y’all!!!!

16 Mar

Goodness I took some time off from writing and now I’m ready to get back in the full swing of things! First things first, I do attend shows and give you awesome readers insight to my opinions of how I think the artist did and how the show went, but I’m gonna start something new… Not only am I going to tell y’all about shows I’ll also share my thoughts and opinions on new music I pick up at Hasting’s, Cavenders or from the artist themselves. Also, I’ll write up blogs about my thoughts and opinions on not only red dirt/ Texas music releases but also mainstream music (I keep an open mind so not all of my thoughts and reviews will be solely on red dirt/ Texas music, I’ll throw some mainstream in there every once in a while just to keep y’all on your toes!)
So your homework is to go check out my buddy Doug Balmain. He’s an artist out of Wyoming that in my opinion needs to visit Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas to do some shows to get his name out. Go to YouTube and look up some songs and head over to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow him. He writes his tunes and has a unique different sound that no matter what kind of country music you listen to you’re bound to like it(: I’ll talk to y’all soon!


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