Aaron Watson 10/11/12

24 Nov

Hey y’all! I hope y’all are all doing great, these holiday’s are quickly approaching and sending me in a tailspin! I hope y’all have been doing great, I haven’t really had much time to write any between my job, raising my son and hitting up these bad ace shows I have lost track of any kind of free time and have filling it with sleep, and lots of it when I can(: Welp I think where we left off was I had visited Mike Ryan in OKC and that next week I was traveling just up the road and down the corner to the Rib Room in Ft. Smith to see Aaron Watson. Now if you’re not familiar with Aaron or his music, you my friend are missing out. This guy has got it going on, as a matter of fact he had just released his newest album ‘Real Good Time’ marking his tenth album to date! I know, I know if you’re just hearing his name for the first time and then reading he has ten albums under his cowboy belt you’re probably like me and wondering “Where in the hell have I been?”

I had heard some of his tunes on KTCS 99.9 on several different occassions and they stuck out to me. Why you ask? Because when you’ve heard ‘Barbed Wire Halo’ and actually really listened to the lyrics, you can’t help but get misty eyed, the chorus goes like this;

“And today he joined up with Jesus wearing shiny pearl snaps, we sang a few gospel hymns and then the soldier played taps, I bet he’s walkin’ with Pete down the street paved with gold showin’ off his brand spanking new wings and his barbed wire halo”

Yep you need a tissue huh? Me too everytime I hear it. But that’s not the only great song he has, ooooooooh no, he’s got ten albums worth of great songs. So as you know go YouTube him and see what you think. Now, I follow Aaron on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so like I said before, stalking is a strong word so I like to say I’m keeping up with the Joneses(: So of course when two days prior to his Ft. Smith show my newsfeed on all three social networks popped up the in memory of posts. See a little information for you… A year to the day of the album release Aaron and his beautiful wife lost their daughter, Julia Grace. She was born but was only on this Earth for an hour before going to Heaven to be a angel. Aaron, his wife and their other three children took the day to remember Julia and keep her memory alive. Another reason to respect this guy! Hardly ever do you see an artist bare their soul about something so personal.

The day of the concert, to me, was a highly anticipated show. I mean ten albums, likeable guy and hes very very polite and soft spoken. Sure I was a little unsure of the crowd, many had heard of him but people weren’t scrambling for tickets. We got there and I was surprised at the amount of people there to see this cute little feller! My buddies Willie Stradlin opened for him and so did a newer artist by the name of Dustin Perkins. Both Willie Stradlin and Dustin Perkins were just awesome. I know you probably hear me say ‘oh this artist was good’ or ‘this srtist was great’ but I assure you, the first artist I come across that’s a arrogant prick I’ll tell ya and I’ll tell you exactly how they performed. Not all artist are nice and polite, every once in a while you’ll stumble upon that one artist that you think, “How in the hell did they make it this far being a jackwagon to fans?!” Buuuuuut luckily I ain’t made it to that yet, we all know I can be a batch(:

Okay, okay back to Aaron… So we went backstage and got to meet and greet with him before the show. Let me tell you what, this guy is by far the sweetest most polite artist I have ever met to date! Holy moly, he and I talked about his daughter and my son as he autographed my son’s shirt I purchased. Then of course I had a arm full of CD’s and Koozies that I had bought to giveaway on my fan page on Facebook. He graciously signed them and even gave me two more to giveaway cause he thought the way I did my giveaways on there was great. Now, if you’re not a follower on Facebook, here’s how I do things… I purchase koozies or CD’s, get them signed by the artist then I ask questions about the artist. So in order to win the merch you have to go read about the artist which sometimes sparks a bit of interest with the fans. It’s a win win for the artist and the fans(:
After the meet and greet, we waited for him to come on stage and the place wasn’t too terribly packed but there was more than enough people there to make a clausterphobic person have a panic attack. He came onstage and blew me away. This is my opinion on it, (keep in mind I’m not being rude nor a negative Nancy. I’m just saying my own personal opinion take it how you want it) Aaron is a great artist, very talented songwriter, great voice and great guy when you meet him. BUT some fans love when the artist toasts and drinks on stage and encourages the party. Aaron doesn’t do that, he’s a Christian and he’s proud of it (which he should be) I was terribly afraid that some of the fans would be not rude but unentertained with him if that makes any sense at all. Not even the case, he came out there and everyone knew the words to the songs he sang everyone responded well to him and he is very entertaining. For example…. he says things that makes you laugh, kinda like a funny guy. Another artist that you wouldn’t think would be like that is Wade Bowen. Both Aaron and Wade have that secret sense of humor that sneaks up on you and so it’s funnier than normal because they say it.
Aaron interacted so good with the crowd even picking out several fans and interacting one on one with them all the time being polite and carefree on stage. He’s a country boy; his accent, the way he dresses even his music is pure country. Would I go to another Aaron show? Hell yes! Would I buy every album he’s ever released and rock out to them or introduce his music to others? Certainly! I’d encourage you to go to a concert and experience Aaron live any day of the week. He’s a good ol boy who just loves music and loves the dream.

A little tidbit for you,if you’re still not convinced…. When ‘Real Good Time’ debuted on iTunes…. He was #2 right below Jason Aldean and right ahead of Luke Bryan…. stick that in your country pipe and smoke it(: Until next time my friends…. bye y’all!!!


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