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Mike Ryan 10/6/12

30 Oct
Hello to my fun loving red dirt friends!!! Slowly but surely I’m getting these stories of mine typed up so you guys can read about them(: I know I got so behind that now I’m on a mission to get caught up so your not like “Gah Lisa!” and feeling like you’re reading a novel. The next artist I’m going to tell you about has made quiet the impression on me, so read along…
Remember when I went to see Robert Earl Keen and had some bad luck coming back? I got the ‘boot’ on my tire, had to shell out $105.00 to get it removed then damn near ran out of gas? Well, as I was driving back into Ft. Smith I had spoke to Micheal Evans from KTCS about stopping by the station to get the new Bart Crow album and he mentioned this new artist to me, a guy by the name of Mike Ryan. I’d never heard of him, so Micheal was going to play his song once I got back into the listening area. I tuned in and he informed me the next song was Mike Ryan, I cranked up the volume and listened close. The strum of the acoustic guitar came through the speakers and then I heard him sing “I don’t need a glass of wine or have to have a cigarette”  I damn near ran off the road! I knew this song!!! You see, when we had went and watched Stoney LaRue this past summer we had become familiar with his bassist Casey Twist. There’s a part in the show where Stoney lets fiddle player Jeremy Watkins sing a song and then Casey. Casey co-wrote a song called ‘Only All The Time’ and that just so happens to be the song he sings. Well I’ll be damned if the same song wasn’t blasting through my speakers as I flew 75 miles an hour down I-540. I texted Micheal and said “I’ll be there in 5 minutes for Bart Crow and this guy!”
Wasting no time, I buzzed on up to the station and Micheal gave me both CD’s and wished me luck on the way home. (Thanks man!) The whole way home I repeated the song over and over again and was in awe. I was in love! It took me a few days but I ended up listening to the entire CD and fell in love with all the songs, then the inevitable, I had to go see this guy live! I creeped his webpage, Twitter and Facebook (you call it stalking, I call it creeping but whatever…) while going over his webpage with a fine tooth comb I come across his tour schedule… well well well (in my Stoney LaRue voice) I found 2 dates that just fell into my lap, October 6, 2012 he and his band would be in Oklahoma City at the Wormy Dog Saloon. Hell yes!!!! (Happy fat kid dance) So, by this time I had rubbed him off on my friends (sounds kinda kinky huh? Perv….) and Becky Sue was down to go with me, so here we go…
The drive to OKC is always so damn long and boring, but we were going to see Mike Ryan so of course it seemed longer. Ain’t that how it always works, when your anty pantsy you could be shagging wagon down the interstate clocked in at 90 but you feel like you’re only doing 60? Yeah, that was us! We arrived a smidge early so we had time to sit around oogle everything over (keep in mind this was our second trip to ever be at the Wormy Dog. The first I don’t recall much of the bar but the bathroom was nice. Yeah you can fill in why the bathroom was so familiar to me…) 
Mike Ryan and his band took the stage and started off playing those oh so bad ass tunes I had learned throughout the past 2 weeks. My buddy Bo had told me if I hadn’t heard Mike’s version of the late Conway Twitty song ‘Slow Hand’ then I was missing out, so i was really tuned into it when I heard the familiar melody. As soon as he started singing it, I melted! Holy freakin moly!!! Why in the hell had I not heard of him til now?! He sang songs off his newly released album ‘Night Comes Falling’ and songs off his first album, rightfully titled ‘The First One’ and he even did some covers of some songs that I did not know could sound good, until Mike did them(: Now keep in mind I had tweeted Mike and I don’t wanna say annoyed him (probably so) but just reminded him repeatedly I was gonna be in attendance for this particular show and was happier than a tornado in a trailer park about it. But as the show grew to a close, we was wondering how come we hadn’t heard our song… In a panic Becky asked Brandon, Mike’s merchandise handler if he would ask him to play ‘Only All The Time’ that sadness would fall upon us if we didn’t hear that song live! Brandon asked Mike after his last song if he would play it and he said yes! Holy testicle Tuesday!!! You talk about two happy little country girls, we were freakin ecstatic! We held onto every little word in that song until it was over, then we were on cloud nine(: Next up on my list, I had to meet this feller, so like a creeper I went over to the merch booth and waited patiently til he came out to say hey to everyone.
He came out to meet and greet the fans and here I am drooling cause let’s face it… He’s adorable! When it came time to say hello, I of course, wiped the drool off my chin, smiled and introduced myself. To my surprise he remembered me from my creeping on Facebook and Twitter. (You are just waiting for me to slip up and say stalking huh?) we chitty chatted and he was so sweet enough to sign all my merchandise, then Becky asked him in her sweet voice if he’d sing ‘Only All The Time’ to us acoustic. He busted out the guitar and started singing, Becky filmed with her phone and me? Well I needed a sham wow for all the drool!
If you haven’t got to check him out live I strongly suggest you get on the ball! Go to and get a gander at his tour dates, then click on over to his store and purchase yourself (and your friends) both CD’s, a shirt to let others know you support Mike Ryan and then a sticker to slap on your vehicle to let other motorist know who’s blaring through your speakers(: Bye y’all!!!!

Willie Stradlin 9/28/12

30 Oct
Hey y’all!! I know I haven’t been writing alot here lately, I’ve been super busy with shows, giveaways and chasing my kiddo around. But y’all don’t want to hear about all that so let me get started with telling you my stories of all these amazing shows I’ve been lucky enough to go to(: I’m gonna start this blog off talking about Willie Stradlin. Now if you’re from Oklahoma/Arkansas area more than likely you’ve heard of these hometown boys. Now keep in mind I have seen Willie Stradlin open for other red dirt artists like Stoney LaRue but this was the first show I was going to where it was just them the entire time.
I had seen on Twitter where they had a show at the Choctaw Casino in Pocola September 28th and got nine kinds of excited! Right down the road from me! So, I got off work (yes let’s not forget I do have a real job) and sped on over to the casino. I got there in enough time to grab a bite to eat and catch the band doing a couple songs getting warmed up. They’re sound is (my personal opinion) a cross between red dirt and a southern rock. Anyone young or old can relate and have a good time at a Willie show, not to mention it helps that the guys are local. I’ll tell you why local bands tickle me pink… they’re down to earth, gracious, and never forget their roots or friends. Now I ain’t saying not every band is like that cause they are but it’s different when you can watch them grow as a artist and watch the success and KNOW they deserve it. It’s personal, it’s like buying a seed, planting it and watching it turn into a beautiful flower. (You smelling what I’m stepping in?)
In between me sipping on my water and eating my basket of onions rings (I only intended to eat a couple but I swear they were dipped in heroin or something cause I ate the entire damn basket) J.T. or as I know him, Josh Hubbard came over to say hi and introduce me to the lead singer Heath. (Josh and I went to school together) We sat there and chitty chatted over how they got started, my favorite song of theirs (Sweet Melissa) and how they got the name Willie Stradlin, before you ask if it’s a name of a guy in the group, no it’s not BUT I’m not gonna share their secret either(; I know I’m mean, but hey when you go to a show ask Heath to tell you the story! These guys are so nice and was gracious enough to answer all my questions. I’m sure I was annoying as hell but Heath never acted like I was and as outgoing as he is on stage he’s very kept to himself and quiet. (I know, flipping insane!) 
They took the stage and rocked the place! All their songs whether it be a rocking tune like their newest soon to be release ‘Moonshine Stomp’ or their soulful ballad my fave (sigh) ‘Sweet Melissa’ they hold the crowd in their hands and have their way with them. Their stage presense and interaction with the crowd is awesome, not to mention their interaction with one another. Some bands have that front man who knows he’s the bomb dot com and the rest of the band is in the shadows but not these guys. They’re all very talented and share the stage equally. It all goes back to them being down to earth and knowing their roots. It’s always refreshing to see a band that has that new smell to em. (I know I know , you’re thinking what the hell Lisa?!) but what I mean by that is everytime I’ve seen them no matter how tired they are they leave that offstage and onstage are full of energy and full of life, they’ve never shown any slowing down, which is good cause these guys are going places. Don’t believe me? Go to a show or look them up on YouTube.
 They do some covers as well as their own originals and one of my favorite faves is the “pumped up kicks song” as I call it. I love their version because the original is a little hoarse and muffled. Heath sings it loud, clear and there’s no questioning about the lyrics, not to mention Drew, the adorable drummer does the whistling(: No matter what song, they bring the lyrics to life and you can feel exactly what their talking about. Have I mentioned I love these guys? Well I do!
Would I recommend HIGHLY to go see these guys and cheer them on at a live show? Hell yes I would!!! Go to to look up the closest show to you and to get your hands on some bad ass merchandise! Support live music y’all!!!