Casey Donahew Band 9/25/12

28 Sep
Hey y’all! I took me a little breather before starting this review and I think it’s safe to say I need freaking internet access at my house! Anyways, you don’t wanna hear about that, you wanna hear about Casey Donahew Band! So let’s get this party started, shall we?
I took me a couple of days off after Jake Owen to rest up and get ready for Casey Donahew Band. (No I’m not old, I just can’t bounce back like I used to) Once again, I was driving to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the fair and it was going to be the same routine as with Jake Owen. We’d go back for a meet and greet and then go onstage to introduce them. I had been a little reserved for many of reasons for this show 1) remember my dress and how I felt the draft of the wind blowing it up? Okay well when the pictures popped up on Facebook I had the Marilyn Monroe thing going on (No not the mole) 2) I had never seen Casey Donahew Band before but I own nearly every album (all but one) and I had heard he could be a jerk. Which most artist are entitled, we can’t judge what kind of day they’ve had, so I kept an open mind.
Now if you’ve never heard of Casey Donahew Band and you and YouTube ain’t best friends yet, I can’t do nothing with you. I’m just kidding! But seriously, if you’re not familiar I’ll try to help you out but you should really minimize this and go get a gander at them on YouTube, then come back of course(: I first heard of Casey Donahew Band when someone played ‘White Trash Story’ one night while we were at a friends playing pool and drinking beer and I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention to the song UNTIL I heard the line “She was passed around like a bottle of crown but she was always sweet to me” . I was like “Who’s this?! What song is this?!” Someone said it was Casey Donahew Band and I spent the next 2 hours youtubing and googling. Their songs ‘Fallen’, ‘Angel’, ‘Stockyards’ and of course ‘White Trash Story’ are the few that they sing live. Five albums, one a live album, ‘Live Raw Real in the Ville’ is my favorite. I’m all about the studio albums too but when you hear the live albums you can hear the crowd going crazy and singing along, it almost makes you wish you were there experiencing it live as well.
While we were waiting to head back to the meet and greet Casey himself actually walked by and was checking out the fair! I didn’t even notice him! I know, I know I was slacking on my A game but if we weren’t going back for a meet and greet I would’ve been hot on his heels. (Don’t you dare call me names, you know you would’ve too!) I was stressing though, I was going to have a contest on my Facebook page and needed merchandise, of course the merch table was inside the arena and the merch guy wasn’t there. Luckily, one of the sweet fellers, Tim, who had worked security for the Jake Owen show was going to the meet and greet with us, took me in the arena and thank goodness the merch guy was ready to work, I bought two koozies. Such a sweet guy helping a girl out! At 7:00 we headed back for the meet and greet, there weren’t as many meet and greets this time as there was before simply because KTCS 99.9 is the only station that plays red dirt in the Arklahoma listening area. Once again, I slid off my boot off and waited for my turn. Every one of the guys in the band were super friggin nice! They gladly signed my boot and two koozies then we all took a picture, I was totally blown away with how laid back they were! Here I was having reserved feelings over meeting them and there was no need!
After the meet and greet we stuck around waiting to go on stage for the introduction and if you’re wondering I wore another frilly dress. (I had nothing cute to wear!) I had put much thought into it though, I wasn’t going to stand so close to the edge and I was going to keep my hands down in the front to prevent any flowage of air. Good thinking huh? Yeah I thought so too(: I wasn’t as nervous this time either, I was more relaxed and not so worried. When it was time we headed toward the stage, Not only was it DC, Michael Evans, Kris Vegas and me but also Jerry Austin and Brad Kelly, two other jockeys from KTCS. These guys are the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, seriously. If you’re from around the listening area and they’re doing a remote, go over and say hi. You won’t be disappointed and they’ll be very appreciative.
As we were waiting, the band was lining up behind us. Once again, super nice, talkative and laid back. Leaving me impressed, they weren’t jerks or hateful like I had been told in the past and yeah I was a fan before but now even more so. When they gave us the cue to go on stage, we went out and DC introduced us and talked about the band. For it to be a Tuesday night there was quite a bit of people there, this also impresses me. You got the majority of people there that have school or work early the next day and they’re out having a cold beer enjoying the show. This is my opinion, take what you want from it , that is why red dirt is so special. Any day of the week, if there is a red dirt show there is always fans out supporting the artist and music. It doesn’t get much better than that if you’re a red dirt artist or any artist for that matter. 
The band came on stage and put on one helluva show! At first he didn’t really talk to the crowd which isn’t a bad thing but it always makes the show go by faster if they don’t chit chat between songs. He however did not make me wait long because after the third or fourth song he started talking and interacting with the fans. If you really think about it, there really isn’t a bad song by CDB, I havent stumbled across one anyways… The crowd always gets into ‘White Trash Story’, ‘Stockyards’, and their newest crowd pleaser ‘Double Wide Dream’. They performed their newest release ‘One Star Flag’ and if you watch much TV, (I do) you’ll notice Ali Dee and Brooke Jeter from CMT’s show ‘Texas Women’ made appearances in the video.
Overall, based on meeting them, seeing them live,hearing him say “Y’all meet us over there at the merchandise table. We’re gonna sign autographs and take pictures til they throw us out of here.” I would strongly recommend you going out to buy their c.d.’s and atleast go to one show. My opinion ain’t much but experience it just once and if you hated it then you can come back and say “It sucked I hate you.”  Not really, don’t do that, its not nice(: Anywho, you never know where I’ll pop up at and what kind of adventure it’ll be, so come back later and I’ll have some more stories to tell. Bye y’all!!!

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