Jake Owen 9/22/12

27 Sep
Hey y’all! It’s been almost a week since I’ve actually sat down in front of a computer and wrote. After the Robert Earl Keen show I was exhausted! So I took Friday night to recooperate to gear up for Saturday night(: Where was my show Saturday night? Well I traveled over to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair to see Jake Owen! Now, I know I’ve said before not all my shows were gonna be red dirt so before scrolling past this post onto the next, keep in mind no matter what show I go to, I always have a adventure and there will always be some humor to make you laugh.
This particular show was a big deal, you see, I call in and talk about the shows I go to and any red dirt news I have to KTCS 99.9 out of Ft. Smith. They are the only station that plays red dirt music (just in case you didn’t know) DC informed me he got permission from the boss for me to go onstage before Jake Owen and be introduced as Red Dirt Lisa with him and the other jockeys from the station. (Holy sweet baby Jesus!!!! Totally made my day!) Of course I was thrilled, so after work Saturday (yes, I have a real job) I flew home, got ready and buzzed on to Ft. Smith to the fairgrounds to meet the others before the meet and greet and the actual show. Meet and greet?! Yeah, my jaw hit the floor just like yours did. Totally didn’t see it coming! There were quite a few that had won their backstage passes from the station and some that had won backstage passes from other stations giving them away. So at 7:00 we got to head back and wait for Jake Owen to walk in.
Now, if you’re not familiar with Jake, he has hit songs on the radio such as ‘Alone With You’, ‘Starting With Me’, ‘Barefoot and Blue Jean Night’, ‘8 Second Ride’ and his most recent ‘The One That Got Away’. He’s a Florida boy who is as sweet as a Florida orange (corny huh? You smiled!) When he stepped out, there were two lines of people. He walked right down the middle and shook hands with everyone and made small talk. Very, very nice! He walked down to where KTCS had a back drop set up and the meet and greet started. Our group was last so it was standing and waiting. But so worth it, he talked to every person that walked up, signed their merchandise and took pictures with them. This impresses me, simply because some artist act like they don’t have time. It’s “let me sign your stuff take the picture and you be on your way. Next!” And thats okay too because they could be in a hurry but by damn your fans are what got you where you are so you make time. Otherwise you lose fans and become known as ‘the prick’ or ‘ the jerk’. Who wants that labeled on their back? When it came time for me to meet him, I walked up shook his hand and handed him my boot to sign. While he was signing I asked about his tattoo. On the inside of his arm is red lip prints, they belong to his wife. (sigh… How flipping sweet is that?) Now, in case you didn’t know, he married the girl from his steamy ‘8 Second Ride’ video. Didn’t know that did ya? Yep, and they’re expecting their first child, a daughter, in November. He asked where I was from and flashed his gorgeous smile that would make a nun faint (sigh and me too possibly) I answered politely, we took a picture and then it was onto the next fan. I was semi starstruck, but because he was so laid back and nice I was over it quick. I was however a little sad, Jake has a traveling partner, his English Bulldog Merle! And I wanted so badly to meet him (remember I’m a Georgia fan, Go Dawgs!) but I didn’t:( Maybe next time!
After the meet and greet, we hung around waiting for the cue for us to go on stage. I felt fine just parched… And then it was time, as we came around the curtain onto the stage I caught a glimpse of all the people and oh my sweet baby Jesus it seemed like a lot of people. It would be DC, his son Big O, Michael Evans, Kris Vegas and me on stage, DC and MIchael would have the microphones and Vegas, as he’s sometimes referred to, would hold his iPhone up to catch the crowd chant KTCS and me? Well I was just gonna stand there cause like I said, there was a lot of people and I was speechless. Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re familiar with all the folks listed in this blog. If not, you can go to www.ktcs.com and listen as it streams live(: The crowd though was so excited and they participated in great when asked to chant KTCS at the count of three. I wore a white ruffled dress and did not think about fans blowing or being so high up on stage until after I was up there and felt my dress fly up (embarrassing right?) After DC and Michael introduced Jake we exited the stage and headed out front to watch Jake.
I took a seat by my mama, my aunt and Becky and observed the crowd. Quite a few fans had made it out ( around 2,200 once the official count was in!) He kicked off the show with ‘The One That Got Away’ and everyone was singing along and snapping pictures. He has so much energy on stage and utilizes it well. His band, they have just as much energy as him. It didn’t matter if it was slow or fast Jake put his all into every word, and did I mention observant? There was a guy at the top of the bleachers behind us dancing and shaking and here Jake Owen is way down there on the stage, he sees the guy dancing and shaking and praises him and points him out for having a good time! How freaking cool is that?! There was a younger kid dancing in the stands, Jake notices, points to him and waves him over to the side of the barrier, Jake gave him a drum stick for having a good time and just simply being a fan. He sang all his hits on the radio and songs that remain on his albums. Even some new ones, he did some acoustic songs by Willie and Merle and a new one that he did with Florida Georgia Line. Florida Georgia Line is a new duo that burst onto the music scene with their catchy song ‘Cruise’. Nearly halfway through the show he jumped off stage ran up through the crowd on both sides of the bleachers and let them come face to face with him like we did backstage.
If you’re wondering if I’ll ever attend a Jake Owen show ever again, I will and I strongly suggest if you get the opportunity to, for you to do it too. Even if you are a red dirt fan and don’t care too much about mainstream country, you won’t walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. Now, if you get to meet Merle I’m gonna be a little upset… Just kidding! Until next time, bye y’all!

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