Alan Jackson with special guest Lauren Alaina 9/14/12

17 Sep

Hey y’all! Welp its that time again, I traveled to another great show this past weekend. Yep, you read the title right, Alan Jackson and Lauren Alaina. Good music, good company, good time is what this show brought. If you haven’t heard of either I have to ask, where in the heck have you been?! Of course you should know of Alan Jackson, hell he’s been around since the friggin 90’s! If by this time you and YouTube ain’t good friends well you should be! Now Lauren Alaina has only been around since she came in behind Scotty McCreery on American Idol a year or so ago. She’s released hit’s ‘Like my Mother Does’, ‘Georgia Peaches’, and her most recent release ’18 inches’.

On this little road trip I chose to take my mama along simply because she’s been an Alan fan since he came onto the country music scene with his first number one ‘Here in the Real World’. We had went to see Alan when I was 10 years old at the Arkansas/Oklahoma state fair years ago (No I ain’t that old, it just sounds like it!) and he was pretty good then, he was just coming out and hitting it big. I had ordered the tickets to this particular show back a month and a half ago, at the time the tickets went on sale the opening act wasn’t announced yet. However, when they did announce it was Lauren I got all kinds of giddy she’s a talented girl, and she’s from Georgia! So is Alan so double whammy(: Yes I’m a Georgia fan (go Dawgs!) Anyways, I had heard her songs on the radio so I was interested in seeing her live. As for Alan, well its Alan Jackson! Yes y’all he’s just like wine he gets better with age.

The show was being held at the Arkansas Music Pavilion also known as the AMP in Fayetteville. As we got closer to Fayetteville the clouds rolled in and it started raining on and off. We were a little concerned but luckily the website reported it was a rain or shine show and we brought ponchos. The traffic was ridiculous thanks to the college football game that was taking place the next day at the football stadium.

We arrived at the AMP at 6 p.m. and got parked, the line was still quite a bit long considering the gates had opened at 5:30. My good friend Megan brought along her husband Cody (or as I call him, Bert) and I seen another friend of mine, Heather. We all got in, took our seats (which were not bad seats). There wasn’t a bad seat in the house! The rain had stopped long enough for everyone to find their seats and sit down. Everyone was nice and cozy and then it started sprinkling on and off:( but we were not about to leave, this was Alan freaking Jackson!!! Hell or high water we were staying til the last song!

Lauren Alaina took stage at 7:30, considering she has been on vocal rest she rocked it! This girl has got it! I cannot brag enough on her, this was my first ever Lauren experience and she definately left a good impression on me. She sang a few songs from her first ever c.d. and then did some covers of Little Big Town’s ‘Boondocks’ and then put her own twist on Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’  Because of her vocals she only played for 30 minutes and closed the show with my favorite song, ‘Georgia Peaches’. I was impressed not only because she is down to Earth but because she’s so good with the crowd. She interacts great with the fans, especially the younger ones close to her age. And well, the fans around us were all American Idol watchers, how do I know? Cause when she said “Y’all might remember me from American Idol.” in her southern accent, the crowd around us went insane! If Friday night was any indication on where she is headed, she’ll be around for a long long time(: and she’s a Georgia girl too so she has my support all the way! (Go Dawgs!)

After Lauren, the crew had to break down the stage and bring up Alan’s equipment and set everything up. The rain stopped for maybe a minute and then started drizzling again, ugh! It did not stop the fans, they continued to pour in and take their seats. If you didn’t buy a seat, there was a general admission area where bag chairs were allowed and they weren’t bad seats either. Not to mention it was a good idea… (Yep I was one of the people that sat in a pool of water and looked like I had peed my britches.)

The opening of Alan’s show was a slideshow of all of his number ones he has accumulated in his career. Snippets of the songs and videos that had help shape his career played on a big screen then you see this long legged country boy walk out on stage and kick off the show with, ‘Gone Country’, one of his number one hits. Since he’s been on the music scene Alan has always looked the same. He’s dressed the same, talked the same, had the same demeaner, same sound and same southern drawl. Never once has he changed his ways to suit others and this kids, is why I love Alan. Hell he still rocks a mullet and a mustache!!! Hot!

Alan sang for over 45 minutes and decided to slow things down. He took this time to introduce his band, The Strayhorns, all members are from all across the states. Then he came down to talking about himself and where he was from. In the middle of talking, the fans in the front started calling the Hogs. He smiled and stopped to let them carry on. And y’all before I continue on, I just want it known I ain’t hatin on the Hogs nor Arkansas. Now that being said…. I think it was disrespectful, while he is talking to call the Hogs or any mascot for that matter. When Alan Jackson is talking, you shut the hell up! (Sorry lost my temper there for a second…) After they were done, he smiled and in that sexy southen drawl he said “Y’all ready for that game tomorrow?” and everyone cheered then he chuckled and said “Good luck with that.” Then continued on with his talking about his first number one. Mmhmm, I laughed. Don’t act like you wouldn’t have either!

Alan sang for nearly an hour an a half. Much better than when I was 10 years old watching him at the fair. He went off stage then came back out and did an encore, the song chosen was ‘Where I Come From’. Some of his crew had drove around Fayetteville that day and took footage of the town and made a little video to go along with the song. It was a great encore and all the fans did not expect it. Good job Alan!  The rain? Well it drizzled on and off throughout the show but we didn’t care, hell its Alan Jackson! After the show we made our way out to moms truck and waited for an hour to get back on the interstate. (yes traffic was horrible) Once we got started heading back mama looked over at me and said “Damn he was good!” and of course I laughed but you know what, it made my night to see how happy she was with that show(:

Welp it looks like I’ll be traveling back to Fayetteville here pretty soon to watch the great Robert Earl Keen… its gonna be a good’n, bye y’all!


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