Tanya Tucker 8/31/12

13 Sep

Hey y’all!!! I’ve had been on the ball with my posting and what not today. Like I said they left me unattended with internet access and I got crazy with it! Luckily I’ve had rough drafts of all my concerts since the page was made so it’s a lot easier. This is the last blog and then I’ll be up to date on all my shows and I will try my best to get snappy with blogging as soon as I get done with a show. So I’ll shut up with my ramblings so you can get busy reading!

I know my name on this beast is Red Dirt Lisa and its because I’m more into the red dirt scene than I am mainstream country. Now I do listen to mainstream and little tidbits about mainstream stay in my little noggin but my heart is in red dirt. Hell I got the tattoo to prove it! But I am a fan of some mainstream artists and I do attend the shows when I can just to mix it up. Not all of my blogs will be on red dirt artist including this one. So don’t be going and getting mad, it’s all music:)

My love for music started early, my memaw, aunts and mama have all been into country and some rock since they were younger so it’s no surprise I inherited the ear for it. One of my earliest memories that has stuck with me since I was knee high to a grasshopper was when I was three years old and my mama took me to see Tanya Tucker. Tanya was playing in Stigler, a town about 45 minutes from where I reside today. Mama lifted me up while Tanya sang ‘Delta Dawn’ she sang to me and touched my hand. BOOM! That’s all it took, 25 years later and I’m still jamming to the country sound.

It was no surprise when I got online and seen where Tanya Tucker would be playing in Durant that it was a no brainer. I was going hell or high water! And who else would I ask to go? Oh yeah, the mama. So, fast forward to the day of the show… I agreed to meet her at her house and we’d be on our way. Of course I’m running late so instead of leaving at 5:00 we left at 5:50 p.m.  (whoops!) Now mama don’t get in any hurry so the two hours and 45 minutes we’d be in the truck was gonna be looooong. After she handed out several cussings we arrive at the casino in Durant at 8:15 p.m. park then head to the show.

We walked in to see Tanya on stage singing “What’s Your Mama’s Name.’ and quickly took our seats. The ‘Center Stage’ inside the fairly good sized casino wasn’t too terribly packed and I was shocked to see there was empty seats, hinting that despite its closeness to Tanya’s home state of Texas, it wasn’t a sold out show.  She has maintained the same looks as she has over the years. Of course she’s gained some weight and her face has grown slightly wrinkled, but you knew it was Tanya Tucker. And her voice… EXACTLY the same. She didn’t sing any new material, it was all her older stuff, the stuff I grew up listening to, the same songs I sang along to in my hairbrush (don’t judge, if you’re a girl you did it too!) My all time favorite Tanya song, is a song she sings like she knows the emotion well, and if you’ve ever read her biography you know she has many times is, ‘Love Me Like You Used To’.  She sings it with so much emotion.  All of the songs were very emotional for me to hear live cause it brought back good memories of my childhood with my family,  including the time me and mama seen her live 25 years ago. She started singing ‘Amazing Grace’  literally you could hear a pin drop and then the song, oh yes the song that catapulted her career, ‘Delta Dawn’. There was not one person in that place not singing along. I mean, hell who don’t know that song?! If you’re reading this and you don’t know it then it’s unfortunate you’ve been under a rock. Get your booty on YouTube right meow and listen!!! She closed the show with ‘Delta Dawn’ and rightfully so, it brought down the house.

After the show, we climbed back in the truck and started to head back to Poteau when mama looked over at me, took her cigarette out of her mouth and held it in between her index and middle finger, with the most serious look ever and said “By gah 25 years later and she’s still got it!” She stuck the cigarette back in between her lips and gassed on it. It’s safe to say we’re still fans and when Miss Tucker comes back around we’ll be in the crowd singing along. and hopefully on time:) Bye y’all!


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