Randy Rogers Band 8/30/12

13 Sep

Hey y’all! Its me again, yeah I know I just bounce all over the place. How y’all been? Good I hope, well let’s get going! I know if you’ve been listening to red dirt music since it damn near started nearly 15 years ago (my Lord I’m getting old) then you’ve heard of Randy Rogers Band. Call me biased but there ain’t one bad song RRB, as they’re sometimes called, has sung. I’ve been listening to them since they burst onto the music scene nearly 10 years. If you can’t think of one of their songs, lemme name off a few and see if it rings a bell… ‘Kiss me in the Dark’, ‘Somebody Take Me Home’, ‘Lost and Found’ any of ’em sound familiar? Well I ain’t gonna start singing them so just jump on YouTube. Anywho, this was my atleast 9th RRB show since they’ve came out like I said call me biased, not obsessed. So far to date Randy Rogers Band has four studio albums and 2 live albums. The one I recommend the most is their ‘Live at Billy Bob’s’ c.d. and in some stores I do believe its a c.d./d.v.d. combo. Another must if you’re a red dirt fan and if you haven’t already, is attend a Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers show. If you’re totally confused as to why I’d bring up Wade Bowen lemme enlighten you:) In between shows in the summertime Randy Rogers teams up with Wade Bowen for their ‘Hold My Beer And Watch This’ tour. It’s an acoustic show where both sit and pick their guitars and sing their own songs and others plus just keep the fans up to date on helpful info with their own careers. I have yet to go to one, but you can bet your sweet buns I will attend one next year!

 I actually wasn’t supposed to go, I hadn’t been feeling well and had to make a visit to the emergency room the previous Monday. My issue? Kidney stones! Horrible pain, almost unbearable. They put me on meds and sent me on my way to deal with them. The deal was I wasn’t to go until I had passed them, luckily Thursday I passed three small pebbles. My next instruction… If I didn’t have any more pain by 4 I could go. 4 p.m. rolled around and I felt normal again! Yes!!! Randy Rogers Band bound!   

Once again, we jumped in the car and headed to Fayetteville Arkansas to Georges Majestic Lounge. No, Megan couldn’t make the trip so I took my good friend, Carrie Huie. We ran a little behind, between the rainstorm and crazy weather, we also got pulled over. I know we were pretty excited about RRB:) but we made it to Georges at 9. Got there just in enough time to catch the opening act, but sadly not his name:( I know epic fail… but hey we paid close attention to his performance and he did a fantastic job! He sang his songs and a  little of Willie and Merle even. I was very impressed with him and his acoustic set, and what impressed me the most was the fact his wife was there helping set up and put away his equipment and run the merch table. We met some friends from our hometown of Heavener there and mingled in between sets. The crowd was a little different from the JAB show the week before. Some of the same fans but a whole new crew for the most part, these fans were a little more country. So yes, a little more rowdy and a little more beer drinking, but hey that’s okay cause everyone had fun and only two fights broke out. Apparently those fans had a smidge too much to drink. About ten I started feeling a little feverish and not very good but no way I was missing these guys, its freaking Randy Rogers Band!

Randy and the band took the stage at around 10:15 and rocked it. They played songs from their previous albums and several from their new album which will hit stores February 13, 2013. Their newest song ‘One More Sad Song’ is the first release off of it. It is already a hit with the fans. Its hard not to love RRB, I mean they write or co write all their songs (which most Texas/Oklahoma artist do) they’ve been together since day one, and they have a fiddle player. (sighs) Y’all I am telling you if you love the fiddle, this is the band to listen to. Also, they have a unique sound, when I say unique I mean as soon as a RRB song starts you can tell its RRB. Just like whenever you hear a Dierks Bentley song or a George Strait song you just know its them. The fans sang along to every song and the ones they didn’t know they still hung onto every word.

Now, if you know me you know I have a red dirt bucket list and Randy Rogers Band, well they’re on it. Afterwards, my friends from the radio station told me and Care bear (Carrie) to stick around and we’d get to meet them. Of course I was not about to go anywhere no matter how bad I felt til I met Randy Rogers Band! About 15 minutes later the entire band came off the bus and we got to meet them. Every one of them, Geoffrey Hill who plays the guitar, Jon Richardson who jams on the bass guitar, Les Lawless who beats on the drums, Brady Black he mans that fiddle (sighs) and of course Randy Rogers whose familiar voice sings lead vocal. They stuck around and signed autographs and took pitures with us. Another reason I love these guys, they had just got done singing and playing for an hour and a half and was still made time for their fans. Love em!

Care bear and I jumped in the car and headed back to reality, yup Oklahoma, and listened to mmhmm Randy Rogers Band the entire 90 miles back. If you haven’t listened to Randy Rogers Band or you’re still not convinced, go look em up and keep an open mind. Until next time, bye y’all!!!


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