JAB with special guest Rob Baird 8/22/12

13 Sep

Hey hey!!! So, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I attended this show but this is the first day I’ve been left unattended with a computer with internet access. But don’t worry my friends, I have a memory like an elephant and don’t forget anything:) So let’s get started shall we?

My friend Megan and I made the short 90 mile drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas August 22, 2012 to watch Josh Abbott Band and Rob Baird. For all of you reading this wondering who I’m talking about please minimize this screen and YouTube Josh Abbott Band you will not be disappointed. I didn’t pay much attention to JAB when they first came onto the scene. Of course I’d heard ‘Oh Tonight’ on the local radio station and the chords and lyrics caught my attention but I’d get sidetracked and forget what was going on… THEN they released the song ‘Touch’ and oh my it caught my ears and I was hooked. The lyrics draw you in and you can’t help but know exactly what they are talking about in the song. We’ve all felt that emotion so its easy to relate. Listening to their c.d.’s ‘She’s Like Texas’ and newly released ‘Small Town Family Dream’ following them on Twitter and Facebook and creeping the Texas Music Charts I focused in on their fan base and studied it. Huge fan base, the next thing on my list, to attend a concert and see it all live. Fast forward to August 22,2012 and we’re about to experience the JAB live. The chosen venue for such a festivity is Georges Majestic Lounge, right in the middle of Hog Country. We arrived at 8:30 p.m. thirty minutes before showtime, hardly anyone there but its a sold out show. Another good sign of a successful concert in my opinion… Rob Baird a Texas artist was opening for JAB and this tickled me pink. I had done some research on Rob in the previous days of the show and he seemed an interesting cat. He’d been compared to John Mellencamp (if you don’t like John Mellencamp, I’m gonna slap you and I promise its gonna hurt so good) I think its obvious I’m a Mellencamp fan, but that’s beside the point, he and his band came on stage and opened the show. Halfway through his set I’d made my way to the merch table and bought his c.d. he’s really good live. His sound was sharp, crisp and clear. His voice… mmhmm Mellencamp-ish and he interacted good with the crowd. However… I thought the crowd was rather rude. A good friend and fellow artist once told me the artist watches the crowd and obviously feedback is very important. So remember this while your gabbing to your friends instead of paying attention. Yeah you might not know the artist and you’re only there for the “headliner” but still think about it this way, just a couple of years back Jpsh Abbott Band was right where Rob Baird was at. After Rob’s set, I tweeted him and and told him it was a great show and that I had bought his c.d. and asked “autograph?” Ten minutes later he tweeted me back and said he’d be at the merch table. So I pushed my way through the crowd leaving Megan behind to hold my spot and wait for JAB. I approached the merch table and said hello, instantly was met with a hug and a “How was the show?” I smiled and replied with a “Great!” Literally, chatted with Rob for 20 minutes missing the first couple of songs by JAB, whoops… but he was very sweet and he gained a new fan that night. And my cd? Yep, he signed it, I promised I’d be back to see him and I would be front and center.

So, back to JAB… I shoved  my way through the rowdy crowd and took back over my stance by Megan in the front row amonst the frat brothers and soroity sisters. They opened the show with ‘You Ain’t Met My Texas Yet’ one of my personal favorites. They had recorded the song with one of Josh Abbott’s influences, Pat Green, another fellow Texas artist. You can find that on their ‘Small Town Family Dream’  it describes all the things that the great state offers and if you ain’t done ’em, well you ain’t met their Texas yet:) The crowd was singing along to every song and in the back where it wasn’t too crowded you could find two or three couples slinging one another around to a two-step or two. The fans on the side at their tables, were also dancing and singing, some on the tables and chairs. Josh was very good with the crowd and of course, they called the Hogs. The rest of the band was very very active. Did I mention very? Okay just checking. They sang songs from all four c.d.’s and then did some covers of other artist. But the song that they did that I haven’t been able to stop listening to since is ‘She’s Like Texas’… Oh my sweet baby Jesus on the c.d. its good but live, it’ll give you goosebumps. Now, I’m a Oklahoma girl but that song makes me wish I was from Texas! It describes a girl (duh) who posses some  attributes of Texas. The song refers to towns such as Padre Island, Austin, Dallas, Nacogdoches and Lubbock; very well written song. The chorus, well it’s catchy and you can’t help but wanna two-step and sing along, not to mention actually wanna be the girl he’s singing about.

‘She’s as bright as the Dallas sky, she always holds her head up high. She loves the company of her family. She has faith in God’s greater plan, she trusts I’m a good man and that’s why I’ll always believe. She’s like Texas and she like me.’

Now go YouTube it! Bye y’all!



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