Bo Phillips Band 8/24/12

13 Sep

After my fun filled  night with Rob Baird and Josh Abbott Band at George’s in Fayetteville, I took a night off and then hit the red dirt music scene hard on Friday August 24, 2012. I jumped in my pickup and headed on over to Greenwood, Arkansas to watch my good buddy Bo Phillips perform at the Sebastian County fair. This is the first full band performance Bo had done in the  area and boy oh boy were the fans in for a treat. We started the night at Beef O’Bradys to grab a bite to eat and listen to a little live music. Halfway through the guy’s set Bo was asked to do a couple and sang for the packed patio of friends and fans. He sang his newly written song appropriately titled ‘Her Favorite Song’. On his way back from Texas the previous Monday, a conversation with a friend struck a chord with him, literally. Ten minutes later, the song was complete. It describes a girl who describes her emotions and feelings merely through songs, and never through actual discussion. Quite possibly my new favorite song by him. And of course he played his song ‘Red Dirt Girl’, which recently went to number one on the Texas  Charts. Both songs got a positive response out of the patrons. Then we headed off to the fair, and I volunteered to work his merchandise table while he performed and,  as always, listen to the sound to make sure its up to snuff. We arrive and there were fans already waiting, which made my night and I’m not even Bo!  He kicked off the show with the first track off his latest cd, ‘Front Porch’. Its a rocking vibe describing life growing up in Buffalo Valley, Oklahoma, Bo’s hometown. Doing some covers of classic country tunes and of course Prince, he also threw in some songs from his album ‘Dirt Road’ and of course his latest ‘Fishing with Grandpa’. The sound system was a smidge off, but Bo’s witty sense of humor and the solid performance of the band  covered it up.  It also pleased a lot of fans that came for him, as well as the new fans he made that night. He also made several kids’ night by sticking around and signing autographs and taking pictures. Truly a gifted artist with many more years as a loved artist! Until next time kids…. Bye y’all!


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