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Casey Donahew Band 9/25/12

28 Sep
Hey y’all! I took me a little breather before starting this review and I think it’s safe to say I need freaking internet access at my house! Anyways, you don’t wanna hear about that, you wanna hear about Casey Donahew Band! So let’s get this party started, shall we?
I took me a couple of days off after Jake Owen to rest up and get ready for Casey Donahew Band. (No I’m not old, I just can’t bounce back like I used to) Once again, I was driving to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the fair and it was going to be the same routine as with Jake Owen. We’d go back for a meet and greet and then go onstage to introduce them. I had been a little reserved for many of reasons for this show 1) remember my dress and how I felt the draft of the wind blowing it up? Okay well when the pictures popped up on Facebook I had the Marilyn Monroe thing going on (No not the mole) 2) I had never seen Casey Donahew Band before but I own nearly every album (all but one) and I had heard he could be a jerk. Which most artist are entitled, we can’t judge what kind of day they’ve had, so I kept an open mind.
Now if you’ve never heard of Casey Donahew Band and you and YouTube ain’t best friends yet, I can’t do nothing with you. I’m just kidding! But seriously, if you’re not familiar I’ll try to help you out but you should really minimize this and go get a gander at them on YouTube, then come back of course(: I first heard of Casey Donahew Band when someone played ‘White Trash Story’ one night while we were at a friends playing pool and drinking beer and I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention to the song UNTIL I heard the line “She was passed around like a bottle of crown but she was always sweet to me” . I was like “Who’s this?! What song is this?!” Someone said it was Casey Donahew Band and I spent the next 2 hours youtubing and googling. Their songs ‘Fallen’, ‘Angel’, ‘Stockyards’ and of course ‘White Trash Story’ are the few that they sing live. Five albums, one a live album, ‘Live Raw Real in the Ville’ is my favorite. I’m all about the studio albums too but when you hear the live albums you can hear the crowd going crazy and singing along, it almost makes you wish you were there experiencing it live as well.
While we were waiting to head back to the meet and greet Casey himself actually walked by and was checking out the fair! I didn’t even notice him! I know, I know I was slacking on my A game but if we weren’t going back for a meet and greet I would’ve been hot on his heels. (Don’t you dare call me names, you know you would’ve too!) I was stressing though, I was going to have a contest on my Facebook page and needed merchandise, of course the merch table was inside the arena and the merch guy wasn’t there. Luckily, one of the sweet fellers, Tim, who had worked security for the Jake Owen show was going to the meet and greet with us, took me in the arena and thank goodness the merch guy was ready to work, I bought two koozies. Such a sweet guy helping a girl out! At 7:00 we headed back for the meet and greet, there weren’t as many meet and greets this time as there was before simply because KTCS 99.9 is the only station that plays red dirt in the Arklahoma listening area. Once again, I slid off my boot off and waited for my turn. Every one of the guys in the band were super friggin nice! They gladly signed my boot and two koozies then we all took a picture, I was totally blown away with how laid back they were! Here I was having reserved feelings over meeting them and there was no need!
After the meet and greet we stuck around waiting to go on stage for the introduction and if you’re wondering I wore another frilly dress. (I had nothing cute to wear!) I had put much thought into it though, I wasn’t going to stand so close to the edge and I was going to keep my hands down in the front to prevent any flowage of air. Good thinking huh? Yeah I thought so too(: I wasn’t as nervous this time either, I was more relaxed and not so worried. When it was time we headed toward the stage, Not only was it DC, Michael Evans, Kris Vegas and me but also Jerry Austin and Brad Kelly, two other jockeys from KTCS. These guys are the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, seriously. If you’re from around the listening area and they’re doing a remote, go over and say hi. You won’t be disappointed and they’ll be very appreciative.
As we were waiting, the band was lining up behind us. Once again, super nice, talkative and laid back. Leaving me impressed, they weren’t jerks or hateful like I had been told in the past and yeah I was a fan before but now even more so. When they gave us the cue to go on stage, we went out and DC introduced us and talked about the band. For it to be a Tuesday night there was quite a bit of people there, this also impresses me. You got the majority of people there that have school or work early the next day and they’re out having a cold beer enjoying the show. This is my opinion, take what you want from it , that is why red dirt is so special. Any day of the week, if there is a red dirt show there is always fans out supporting the artist and music. It doesn’t get much better than that if you’re a red dirt artist or any artist for that matter. 
The band came on stage and put on one helluva show! At first he didn’t really talk to the crowd which isn’t a bad thing but it always makes the show go by faster if they don’t chit chat between songs. He however did not make me wait long because after the third or fourth song he started talking and interacting with the fans. If you really think about it, there really isn’t a bad song by CDB, I havent stumbled across one anyways… The crowd always gets into ‘White Trash Story’, ‘Stockyards’, and their newest crowd pleaser ‘Double Wide Dream’. They performed their newest release ‘One Star Flag’ and if you watch much TV, (I do) you’ll notice Ali Dee and Brooke Jeter from CMT’s show ‘Texas Women’ made appearances in the video.
Overall, based on meeting them, seeing them live,hearing him say “Y’all meet us over there at the merchandise table. We’re gonna sign autographs and take pictures til they throw us out of here.” I would strongly recommend you going out to buy their c.d.’s and atleast go to one show. My opinion ain’t much but experience it just once and if you hated it then you can come back and say “It sucked I hate you.”  Not really, don’t do that, its not nice(: Anywho, you never know where I’ll pop up at and what kind of adventure it’ll be, so come back later and I’ll have some more stories to tell. Bye y’all!!!

Jake Owen 9/22/12

27 Sep
Hey y’all! It’s been almost a week since I’ve actually sat down in front of a computer and wrote. After the Robert Earl Keen show I was exhausted! So I took Friday night to recooperate to gear up for Saturday night(: Where was my show Saturday night? Well I traveled over to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair to see Jake Owen! Now, I know I’ve said before not all my shows were gonna be red dirt so before scrolling past this post onto the next, keep in mind no matter what show I go to, I always have a adventure and there will always be some humor to make you laugh.
This particular show was a big deal, you see, I call in and talk about the shows I go to and any red dirt news I have to KTCS 99.9 out of Ft. Smith. They are the only station that plays red dirt music (just in case you didn’t know) DC informed me he got permission from the boss for me to go onstage before Jake Owen and be introduced as Red Dirt Lisa with him and the other jockeys from the station. (Holy sweet baby Jesus!!!! Totally made my day!) Of course I was thrilled, so after work Saturday (yes, I have a real job) I flew home, got ready and buzzed on to Ft. Smith to the fairgrounds to meet the others before the meet and greet and the actual show. Meet and greet?! Yeah, my jaw hit the floor just like yours did. Totally didn’t see it coming! There were quite a few that had won their backstage passes from the station and some that had won backstage passes from other stations giving them away. So at 7:00 we got to head back and wait for Jake Owen to walk in.
Now, if you’re not familiar with Jake, he has hit songs on the radio such as ‘Alone With You’, ‘Starting With Me’, ‘Barefoot and Blue Jean Night’, ‘8 Second Ride’ and his most recent ‘The One That Got Away’. He’s a Florida boy who is as sweet as a Florida orange (corny huh? You smiled!) When he stepped out, there were two lines of people. He walked right down the middle and shook hands with everyone and made small talk. Very, very nice! He walked down to where KTCS had a back drop set up and the meet and greet started. Our group was last so it was standing and waiting. But so worth it, he talked to every person that walked up, signed their merchandise and took pictures with them. This impresses me, simply because some artist act like they don’t have time. It’s “let me sign your stuff take the picture and you be on your way. Next!” And thats okay too because they could be in a hurry but by damn your fans are what got you where you are so you make time. Otherwise you lose fans and become known as ‘the prick’ or ‘ the jerk’. Who wants that labeled on their back? When it came time for me to meet him, I walked up shook his hand and handed him my boot to sign. While he was signing I asked about his tattoo. On the inside of his arm is red lip prints, they belong to his wife. (sigh… How flipping sweet is that?) Now, in case you didn’t know, he married the girl from his steamy ‘8 Second Ride’ video. Didn’t know that did ya? Yep, and they’re expecting their first child, a daughter, in November. He asked where I was from and flashed his gorgeous smile that would make a nun faint (sigh and me too possibly) I answered politely, we took a picture and then it was onto the next fan. I was semi starstruck, but because he was so laid back and nice I was over it quick. I was however a little sad, Jake has a traveling partner, his English Bulldog Merle! And I wanted so badly to meet him (remember I’m a Georgia fan, Go Dawgs!) but I didn’t:( Maybe next time!
After the meet and greet, we hung around waiting for the cue for us to go on stage. I felt fine just parched… And then it was time, as we came around the curtain onto the stage I caught a glimpse of all the people and oh my sweet baby Jesus it seemed like a lot of people. It would be DC, his son Big O, Michael Evans, Kris Vegas and me on stage, DC and MIchael would have the microphones and Vegas, as he’s sometimes referred to, would hold his iPhone up to catch the crowd chant KTCS and me? Well I was just gonna stand there cause like I said, there was a lot of people and I was speechless. Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re familiar with all the folks listed in this blog. If not, you can go to and listen as it streams live(: The crowd though was so excited and they participated in great when asked to chant KTCS at the count of three. I wore a white ruffled dress and did not think about fans blowing or being so high up on stage until after I was up there and felt my dress fly up (embarrassing right?) After DC and Michael introduced Jake we exited the stage and headed out front to watch Jake.
I took a seat by my mama, my aunt and Becky and observed the crowd. Quite a few fans had made it out ( around 2,200 once the official count was in!) He kicked off the show with ‘The One That Got Away’ and everyone was singing along and snapping pictures. He has so much energy on stage and utilizes it well. His band, they have just as much energy as him. It didn’t matter if it was slow or fast Jake put his all into every word, and did I mention observant? There was a guy at the top of the bleachers behind us dancing and shaking and here Jake Owen is way down there on the stage, he sees the guy dancing and shaking and praises him and points him out for having a good time! How freaking cool is that?! There was a younger kid dancing in the stands, Jake notices, points to him and waves him over to the side of the barrier, Jake gave him a drum stick for having a good time and just simply being a fan. He sang all his hits on the radio and songs that remain on his albums. Even some new ones, he did some acoustic songs by Willie and Merle and a new one that he did with Florida Georgia Line. Florida Georgia Line is a new duo that burst onto the music scene with their catchy song ‘Cruise’. Nearly halfway through the show he jumped off stage ran up through the crowd on both sides of the bleachers and let them come face to face with him like we did backstage.
If you’re wondering if I’ll ever attend a Jake Owen show ever again, I will and I strongly suggest if you get the opportunity to, for you to do it too. Even if you are a red dirt fan and don’t care too much about mainstream country, you won’t walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. Now, if you get to meet Merle I’m gonna be a little upset… Just kidding! Until next time, bye y’all!

Robert Earl Keen 9/20/12

21 Sep
Hey y’all! So here I am again sitting down to write my review over last nights show. This time I drove back to Fayetteville to Georges to see the great Robert Earl Keen. This was my first ever R.E.K. show. Yes I had heard of him and his music but never been to a show. Now I’ll be the first to admit I had just recently sat down to listen to some R.E.K. songs and after the first two YouTube videos, I was intrigued… How in the hell had I not heard his music before?! And I probably had when I was younger but I seriously doubt it. I was telling my mom how excited I was to go see Robert and she looked at me with a weird look and said “Who?!”
So I went creeping and trying to find out as much as I could about him, and of course some things stood out to me and reassured me the show was gonna kick ass. Like back in the late 80’s early 90’s he had a reputation as being pretty friggin entertaining in the roadhouse scene that he was asked to record 6 live albums. I must’ve hit red dirt gold!!! Once again, I thought to myself, how in the hell did I not hear his music before?! One thing that catches my attention when it comes to artists is how they are with others including their band and fans. Here’s a tiddybit for you, Robert Earl Keen has had the same band for nearly 2 decades! (Your mouth hit the floor too, right?) So based upon all my information I read about him and the videos, songs and interviews I was more than ready to see this legend live(:
I’m telling you the drive to Fayetteville seems shorter now that I’ve been buzzing back and forth for shows. If you wanna get a gander at their upcoming shows go on over to, their list of red dirt artists is looking pretty dang good for this fall! I arrived at 8:30 parked, got out and headed into the lounge. The opening act, Andrea Dansin, a 27 year old from Kentucky took the stage at 9:00 with her acoustic guitar and proceeded to wow me. Her voice was a cross between Patsy Cline and Jewel, and even though the crowd was unfamiliar with her and her music, they gave her positive feedback. She interacted with the growing crowd well, I didn’t see why not, she was very confident, quick witted and spunky. If I had 3 thumbs, I’d gave her all three(: She played for 45 minutes and following her performance she did a meet and greet by the merch tables out front. Nicest most humble artist I’ve ever met. Go YouTube her!
The crowd was a mixture of ages. When I first arrived, I was one of five fans there in my age bracket, you should’ve seen the looks I got… Folks were acting like they’d never seen a 28 year old girl at a Robert Earl Keen show. Boy, were those fans surprised because by 9:30 the area in front of the stage was covered with fans around my age. When Robert and his band took the stage at 10:00 everyone went crazy. The first couple of songs he sang, the melody, had a Caribbean feel to them. You know the songs that make you wanna slap on a coconut bra, grass skirt and lei then sway your hips to the music? (Just me huh? Well alrighty. Continue on…) Every song he sang, it didn’t matter what song, the fans raised their beer and sang along, and you couldn’t help but tap your foot or bob your head. His music is that good. Any of his songs go with anything ranging from a backyard cookout, backroading or driving with the windows down on a sunny day. Oh and his voice… When he sings it almost sounds like he’s smiling while singing and then you catch yourself smiling along too.
He played til 11:45 then him and the band exited the stage. The crowd started chanting “Robert Earl Keen!” over and over. It didn’t take long for him to come back out and sing us two more songs. My first Robert Earl Keen show and I left feeling like I had lived a little. Until I got to my car… A parking boot and note was left on my car! Of course, I’m thinking “What the hell did I do wrong?!” I have parked in the same parking lot every freaking time I come to Georges and now this?! I called the number left on the note which was attached to my window and the lady said help would be there in ten minutes. (Thank the Lord!)
This guy shows up looking as unamused as me and I asked “Why is there a damn boot on my car? I didn’t do anything wrong.”
He replied “Well ma’am, you parked without paying.” Obviously, there was a mistake, I didn’t see no parking meter.
“I always park here and I’ve never paid or got a boot on my tire.” I said, thinking maybe he’d believe me and let me off the hook.
“Ma’am, it’s right over there.” He pointed to a light pole 200 feet away. The light was burned out and the word ‘Meter’ was barely visible. Now granted I didn’t have my glasses on but that is beside the point! I was still clinging to the hope he would feel bad for me and help an out of stater out…  No such luck, $105.00 later he took the boot off and told me to have a good night. (Cute touch man, cute.) After I got on the road and headed back to Oklahoma still upset over my $105.00 loss my gas light came on (Yeah of all friggin nights for this to happen I was by myself) I exited off and pulled into a gas station, walked in to pre pay for my fuel and my card was declined, thanks to the excessive usage in the previous hours. Here I was an hour from home at 2 a.m. stranded. I sat there and had a mini breakdown and cried. After five minutes of boo-hooing I swallowed my pride and texted my friend Shawn and told him I needed help. Bless his heart, he drove 20 minutes to help me out! I’ll be forever grateful he showed up cause if I’d called my mama, I can almost guarantee she’d had her cigarette lit and cussing me the entire time she pumped my gas! Until we meet again… Bye y’all!

Alan Jackson with special guest Lauren Alaina 9/14/12

17 Sep

Hey y’all! Welp its that time again, I traveled to another great show this past weekend. Yep, you read the title right, Alan Jackson and Lauren Alaina. Good music, good company, good time is what this show brought. If you haven’t heard of either I have to ask, where in the heck have you been?! Of course you should know of Alan Jackson, hell he’s been around since the friggin 90’s! If by this time you and YouTube ain’t good friends well you should be! Now Lauren Alaina has only been around since she came in behind Scotty McCreery on American Idol a year or so ago. She’s released hit’s ‘Like my Mother Does’, ‘Georgia Peaches’, and her most recent release ’18 inches’.

On this little road trip I chose to take my mama along simply because she’s been an Alan fan since he came onto the country music scene with his first number one ‘Here in the Real World’. We had went to see Alan when I was 10 years old at the Arkansas/Oklahoma state fair years ago (No I ain’t that old, it just sounds like it!) and he was pretty good then, he was just coming out and hitting it big. I had ordered the tickets to this particular show back a month and a half ago, at the time the tickets went on sale the opening act wasn’t announced yet. However, when they did announce it was Lauren I got all kinds of giddy she’s a talented girl, and she’s from Georgia! So is Alan so double whammy(: Yes I’m a Georgia fan (go Dawgs!) Anyways, I had heard her songs on the radio so I was interested in seeing her live. As for Alan, well its Alan Jackson! Yes y’all he’s just like wine he gets better with age.

The show was being held at the Arkansas Music Pavilion also known as the AMP in Fayetteville. As we got closer to Fayetteville the clouds rolled in and it started raining on and off. We were a little concerned but luckily the website reported it was a rain or shine show and we brought ponchos. The traffic was ridiculous thanks to the college football game that was taking place the next day at the football stadium.

We arrived at the AMP at 6 p.m. and got parked, the line was still quite a bit long considering the gates had opened at 5:30. My good friend Megan brought along her husband Cody (or as I call him, Bert) and I seen another friend of mine, Heather. We all got in, took our seats (which were not bad seats). There wasn’t a bad seat in the house! The rain had stopped long enough for everyone to find their seats and sit down. Everyone was nice and cozy and then it started sprinkling on and off:( but we were not about to leave, this was Alan freaking Jackson!!! Hell or high water we were staying til the last song!

Lauren Alaina took stage at 7:30, considering she has been on vocal rest she rocked it! This girl has got it! I cannot brag enough on her, this was my first ever Lauren experience and she definately left a good impression on me. She sang a few songs from her first ever c.d. and then did some covers of Little Big Town’s ‘Boondocks’ and then put her own twist on Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’  Because of her vocals she only played for 30 minutes and closed the show with my favorite song, ‘Georgia Peaches’. I was impressed not only because she is down to Earth but because she’s so good with the crowd. She interacts great with the fans, especially the younger ones close to her age. And well, the fans around us were all American Idol watchers, how do I know? Cause when she said “Y’all might remember me from American Idol.” in her southern accent, the crowd around us went insane! If Friday night was any indication on where she is headed, she’ll be around for a long long time(: and she’s a Georgia girl too so she has my support all the way! (Go Dawgs!)

After Lauren, the crew had to break down the stage and bring up Alan’s equipment and set everything up. The rain stopped for maybe a minute and then started drizzling again, ugh! It did not stop the fans, they continued to pour in and take their seats. If you didn’t buy a seat, there was a general admission area where bag chairs were allowed and they weren’t bad seats either. Not to mention it was a good idea… (Yep I was one of the people that sat in a pool of water and looked like I had peed my britches.)

The opening of Alan’s show was a slideshow of all of his number ones he has accumulated in his career. Snippets of the songs and videos that had help shape his career played on a big screen then you see this long legged country boy walk out on stage and kick off the show with, ‘Gone Country’, one of his number one hits. Since he’s been on the music scene Alan has always looked the same. He’s dressed the same, talked the same, had the same demeaner, same sound and same southern drawl. Never once has he changed his ways to suit others and this kids, is why I love Alan. Hell he still rocks a mullet and a mustache!!! Hot!

Alan sang for over 45 minutes and decided to slow things down. He took this time to introduce his band, The Strayhorns, all members are from all across the states. Then he came down to talking about himself and where he was from. In the middle of talking, the fans in the front started calling the Hogs. He smiled and stopped to let them carry on. And y’all before I continue on, I just want it known I ain’t hatin on the Hogs nor Arkansas. Now that being said…. I think it was disrespectful, while he is talking to call the Hogs or any mascot for that matter. When Alan Jackson is talking, you shut the hell up! (Sorry lost my temper there for a second…) After they were done, he smiled and in that sexy southen drawl he said “Y’all ready for that game tomorrow?” and everyone cheered then he chuckled and said “Good luck with that.” Then continued on with his talking about his first number one. Mmhmm, I laughed. Don’t act like you wouldn’t have either!

Alan sang for nearly an hour an a half. Much better than when I was 10 years old watching him at the fair. He went off stage then came back out and did an encore, the song chosen was ‘Where I Come From’. Some of his crew had drove around Fayetteville that day and took footage of the town and made a little video to go along with the song. It was a great encore and all the fans did not expect it. Good job Alan!  The rain? Well it drizzled on and off throughout the show but we didn’t care, hell its Alan Jackson! After the show we made our way out to moms truck and waited for an hour to get back on the interstate. (yes traffic was horrible) Once we got started heading back mama looked over at me and said “Damn he was good!” and of course I laughed but you know what, it made my night to see how happy she was with that show(:

Welp it looks like I’ll be traveling back to Fayetteville here pretty soon to watch the great Robert Earl Keen… its gonna be a good’n, bye y’all!

Tanya Tucker 8/31/12

13 Sep

Hey y’all!!! I’ve had been on the ball with my posting and what not today. Like I said they left me unattended with internet access and I got crazy with it! Luckily I’ve had rough drafts of all my concerts since the page was made so it’s a lot easier. This is the last blog and then I’ll be up to date on all my shows and I will try my best to get snappy with blogging as soon as I get done with a show. So I’ll shut up with my ramblings so you can get busy reading!

I know my name on this beast is Red Dirt Lisa and its because I’m more into the red dirt scene than I am mainstream country. Now I do listen to mainstream and little tidbits about mainstream stay in my little noggin but my heart is in red dirt. Hell I got the tattoo to prove it! But I am a fan of some mainstream artists and I do attend the shows when I can just to mix it up. Not all of my blogs will be on red dirt artist including this one. So don’t be going and getting mad, it’s all music:)

My love for music started early, my memaw, aunts and mama have all been into country and some rock since they were younger so it’s no surprise I inherited the ear for it. One of my earliest memories that has stuck with me since I was knee high to a grasshopper was when I was three years old and my mama took me to see Tanya Tucker. Tanya was playing in Stigler, a town about 45 minutes from where I reside today. Mama lifted me up while Tanya sang ‘Delta Dawn’ she sang to me and touched my hand. BOOM! That’s all it took, 25 years later and I’m still jamming to the country sound.

It was no surprise when I got online and seen where Tanya Tucker would be playing in Durant that it was a no brainer. I was going hell or high water! And who else would I ask to go? Oh yeah, the mama. So, fast forward to the day of the show… I agreed to meet her at her house and we’d be on our way. Of course I’m running late so instead of leaving at 5:00 we left at 5:50 p.m.  (whoops!) Now mama don’t get in any hurry so the two hours and 45 minutes we’d be in the truck was gonna be looooong. After she handed out several cussings we arrive at the casino in Durant at 8:15 p.m. park then head to the show.

We walked in to see Tanya on stage singing “What’s Your Mama’s Name.’ and quickly took our seats. The ‘Center Stage’ inside the fairly good sized casino wasn’t too terribly packed and I was shocked to see there was empty seats, hinting that despite its closeness to Tanya’s home state of Texas, it wasn’t a sold out show.  She has maintained the same looks as she has over the years. Of course she’s gained some weight and her face has grown slightly wrinkled, but you knew it was Tanya Tucker. And her voice… EXACTLY the same. She didn’t sing any new material, it was all her older stuff, the stuff I grew up listening to, the same songs I sang along to in my hairbrush (don’t judge, if you’re a girl you did it too!) My all time favorite Tanya song, is a song she sings like she knows the emotion well, and if you’ve ever read her biography you know she has many times is, ‘Love Me Like You Used To’.  She sings it with so much emotion.  All of the songs were very emotional for me to hear live cause it brought back good memories of my childhood with my family,  including the time me and mama seen her live 25 years ago. She started singing ‘Amazing Grace’  literally you could hear a pin drop and then the song, oh yes the song that catapulted her career, ‘Delta Dawn’. There was not one person in that place not singing along. I mean, hell who don’t know that song?! If you’re reading this and you don’t know it then it’s unfortunate you’ve been under a rock. Get your booty on YouTube right meow and listen!!! She closed the show with ‘Delta Dawn’ and rightfully so, it brought down the house.

After the show, we climbed back in the truck and started to head back to Poteau when mama looked over at me, took her cigarette out of her mouth and held it in between her index and middle finger, with the most serious look ever and said “By gah 25 years later and she’s still got it!” She stuck the cigarette back in between her lips and gassed on it. It’s safe to say we’re still fans and when Miss Tucker comes back around we’ll be in the crowd singing along. and hopefully on time:) Bye y’all!

Randy Rogers Band 8/30/12

13 Sep

Hey y’all! Its me again, yeah I know I just bounce all over the place. How y’all been? Good I hope, well let’s get going! I know if you’ve been listening to red dirt music since it damn near started nearly 15 years ago (my Lord I’m getting old) then you’ve heard of Randy Rogers Band. Call me biased but there ain’t one bad song RRB, as they’re sometimes called, has sung. I’ve been listening to them since they burst onto the music scene nearly 10 years. If you can’t think of one of their songs, lemme name off a few and see if it rings a bell… ‘Kiss me in the Dark’, ‘Somebody Take Me Home’, ‘Lost and Found’ any of ’em sound familiar? Well I ain’t gonna start singing them so just jump on YouTube. Anywho, this was my atleast 9th RRB show since they’ve came out like I said call me biased, not obsessed. So far to date Randy Rogers Band has four studio albums and 2 live albums. The one I recommend the most is their ‘Live at Billy Bob’s’ c.d. and in some stores I do believe its a c.d./d.v.d. combo. Another must if you’re a red dirt fan and if you haven’t already, is attend a Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers show. If you’re totally confused as to why I’d bring up Wade Bowen lemme enlighten you:) In between shows in the summertime Randy Rogers teams up with Wade Bowen for their ‘Hold My Beer And Watch This’ tour. It’s an acoustic show where both sit and pick their guitars and sing their own songs and others plus just keep the fans up to date on helpful info with their own careers. I have yet to go to one, but you can bet your sweet buns I will attend one next year!

 I actually wasn’t supposed to go, I hadn’t been feeling well and had to make a visit to the emergency room the previous Monday. My issue? Kidney stones! Horrible pain, almost unbearable. They put me on meds and sent me on my way to deal with them. The deal was I wasn’t to go until I had passed them, luckily Thursday I passed three small pebbles. My next instruction… If I didn’t have any more pain by 4 I could go. 4 p.m. rolled around and I felt normal again! Yes!!! Randy Rogers Band bound!   

Once again, we jumped in the car and headed to Fayetteville Arkansas to Georges Majestic Lounge. No, Megan couldn’t make the trip so I took my good friend, Carrie Huie. We ran a little behind, between the rainstorm and crazy weather, we also got pulled over. I know we were pretty excited about RRB:) but we made it to Georges at 9. Got there just in enough time to catch the opening act, but sadly not his name:( I know epic fail… but hey we paid close attention to his performance and he did a fantastic job! He sang his songs and a  little of Willie and Merle even. I was very impressed with him and his acoustic set, and what impressed me the most was the fact his wife was there helping set up and put away his equipment and run the merch table. We met some friends from our hometown of Heavener there and mingled in between sets. The crowd was a little different from the JAB show the week before. Some of the same fans but a whole new crew for the most part, these fans were a little more country. So yes, a little more rowdy and a little more beer drinking, but hey that’s okay cause everyone had fun and only two fights broke out. Apparently those fans had a smidge too much to drink. About ten I started feeling a little feverish and not very good but no way I was missing these guys, its freaking Randy Rogers Band!

Randy and the band took the stage at around 10:15 and rocked it. They played songs from their previous albums and several from their new album which will hit stores February 13, 2013. Their newest song ‘One More Sad Song’ is the first release off of it. It is already a hit with the fans. Its hard not to love RRB, I mean they write or co write all their songs (which most Texas/Oklahoma artist do) they’ve been together since day one, and they have a fiddle player. (sighs) Y’all I am telling you if you love the fiddle, this is the band to listen to. Also, they have a unique sound, when I say unique I mean as soon as a RRB song starts you can tell its RRB. Just like whenever you hear a Dierks Bentley song or a George Strait song you just know its them. The fans sang along to every song and the ones they didn’t know they still hung onto every word.

Now, if you know me you know I have a red dirt bucket list and Randy Rogers Band, well they’re on it. Afterwards, my friends from the radio station told me and Care bear (Carrie) to stick around and we’d get to meet them. Of course I was not about to go anywhere no matter how bad I felt til I met Randy Rogers Band! About 15 minutes later the entire band came off the bus and we got to meet them. Every one of them, Geoffrey Hill who plays the guitar, Jon Richardson who jams on the bass guitar, Les Lawless who beats on the drums, Brady Black he mans that fiddle (sighs) and of course Randy Rogers whose familiar voice sings lead vocal. They stuck around and signed autographs and took pitures with us. Another reason I love these guys, they had just got done singing and playing for an hour and a half and was still made time for their fans. Love em!

Care bear and I jumped in the car and headed back to reality, yup Oklahoma, and listened to mmhmm Randy Rogers Band the entire 90 miles back. If you haven’t listened to Randy Rogers Band or you’re still not convinced, go look em up and keep an open mind. Until next time, bye y’all!!!

JAB with special guest Rob Baird 8/22/12

13 Sep

Hey hey!!! So, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I attended this show but this is the first day I’ve been left unattended with a computer with internet access. But don’t worry my friends, I have a memory like an elephant and don’t forget anything:) So let’s get started shall we?

My friend Megan and I made the short 90 mile drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas August 22, 2012 to watch Josh Abbott Band and Rob Baird. For all of you reading this wondering who I’m talking about please minimize this screen and YouTube Josh Abbott Band you will not be disappointed. I didn’t pay much attention to JAB when they first came onto the scene. Of course I’d heard ‘Oh Tonight’ on the local radio station and the chords and lyrics caught my attention but I’d get sidetracked and forget what was going on… THEN they released the song ‘Touch’ and oh my it caught my ears and I was hooked. The lyrics draw you in and you can’t help but know exactly what they are talking about in the song. We’ve all felt that emotion so its easy to relate. Listening to their c.d.’s ‘She’s Like Texas’ and newly released ‘Small Town Family Dream’ following them on Twitter and Facebook and creeping the Texas Music Charts I focused in on their fan base and studied it. Huge fan base, the next thing on my list, to attend a concert and see it all live. Fast forward to August 22,2012 and we’re about to experience the JAB live. The chosen venue for such a festivity is Georges Majestic Lounge, right in the middle of Hog Country. We arrived at 8:30 p.m. thirty minutes before showtime, hardly anyone there but its a sold out show. Another good sign of a successful concert in my opinion… Rob Baird a Texas artist was opening for JAB and this tickled me pink. I had done some research on Rob in the previous days of the show and he seemed an interesting cat. He’d been compared to John Mellencamp (if you don’t like John Mellencamp, I’m gonna slap you and I promise its gonna hurt so good) I think its obvious I’m a Mellencamp fan, but that’s beside the point, he and his band came on stage and opened the show. Halfway through his set I’d made my way to the merch table and bought his c.d. he’s really good live. His sound was sharp, crisp and clear. His voice… mmhmm Mellencamp-ish and he interacted good with the crowd. However… I thought the crowd was rather rude. A good friend and fellow artist once told me the artist watches the crowd and obviously feedback is very important. So remember this while your gabbing to your friends instead of paying attention. Yeah you might not know the artist and you’re only there for the “headliner” but still think about it this way, just a couple of years back Jpsh Abbott Band was right where Rob Baird was at. After Rob’s set, I tweeted him and and told him it was a great show and that I had bought his c.d. and asked “autograph?” Ten minutes later he tweeted me back and said he’d be at the merch table. So I pushed my way through the crowd leaving Megan behind to hold my spot and wait for JAB. I approached the merch table and said hello, instantly was met with a hug and a “How was the show?” I smiled and replied with a “Great!” Literally, chatted with Rob for 20 minutes missing the first couple of songs by JAB, whoops… but he was very sweet and he gained a new fan that night. And my cd? Yep, he signed it, I promised I’d be back to see him and I would be front and center.

So, back to JAB… I shoved  my way through the rowdy crowd and took back over my stance by Megan in the front row amonst the frat brothers and soroity sisters. They opened the show with ‘You Ain’t Met My Texas Yet’ one of my personal favorites. They had recorded the song with one of Josh Abbott’s influences, Pat Green, another fellow Texas artist. You can find that on their ‘Small Town Family Dream’  it describes all the things that the great state offers and if you ain’t done ’em, well you ain’t met their Texas yet:) The crowd was singing along to every song and in the back where it wasn’t too crowded you could find two or three couples slinging one another around to a two-step or two. The fans on the side at their tables, were also dancing and singing, some on the tables and chairs. Josh was very good with the crowd and of course, they called the Hogs. The rest of the band was very very active. Did I mention very? Okay just checking. They sang songs from all four c.d.’s and then did some covers of other artist. But the song that they did that I haven’t been able to stop listening to since is ‘She’s Like Texas’… Oh my sweet baby Jesus on the c.d. its good but live, it’ll give you goosebumps. Now, I’m a Oklahoma girl but that song makes me wish I was from Texas! It describes a girl (duh) who posses some  attributes of Texas. The song refers to towns such as Padre Island, Austin, Dallas, Nacogdoches and Lubbock; very well written song. The chorus, well it’s catchy and you can’t help but wanna two-step and sing along, not to mention actually wanna be the girl he’s singing about.

‘She’s as bright as the Dallas sky, she always holds her head up high. She loves the company of her family. She has faith in God’s greater plan, she trusts I’m a good man and that’s why I’ll always believe. She’s like Texas and she like me.’

Now go YouTube it! Bye y’all!