‘Southern Drawl’

15 Feb

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute or two since I’ve been on here, but I’m here now so let’s get this party started! Today I’m going to enlighten y’all on some new tunes but most importantly my newest jam, ‘Southern Drawl’ and the good lookin feller that sings it. 


Now I’ve shared some of Jon Langston’s stuff on my facespace and fan page so I know his face and name is familiar. I’ve shared the video to his song, ‘She’s So Georgia’ which I’m pretty sure he wrote about me… Except for the fact I’m not a raised GA girl… I mean I’ve asked mom and dad if I was conceived there and they just chuckle and say no but I’m pretty sure they’re lying. We all know I’m a die hard Bulldog fan, I can eat my weight in peaches, and I even own a English bulldog who I so proudly named Mason Dixon. One day I’m gonna connect the dots and find the connection… Alright enough about my love for the state, back to my teaching y’all what you’re missing.


I mean I’d never heard of Jon either till one of my friends tagged me in his ‘She’s So Georgia’ video link and I was like, “Who is he?!” so of course I go creeping and that turns into 3 hours on YouTube, Instagram, Tweeder, Facebook. You name it, I freaking creeped it, (Go ahead and call me super stalker Sally, I don’t care. I had to see what else he had up his sleeve.) the dude can sing. His songs ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Forever Girl’ and ‘Young and Reckless’ are just a few of the many songs he can slay with his deep vocals. He has the southern drawl when he sings, y’all know the one I’m talking about, the kind that makes your teeth sweat cause he’s as country as sweet tea in a mason jar. It’s not an act ladies, he’s leeeeegit. He is, no surprise here, a homegrown Georgia boy. He has that Georgia drawl, but before you write him off as “pop country” I’m gonna stop you right there. I’ve listened to every song he’s got on YouTube and not one damn pop or whistle flies out. Like I said, I did some homework, okay creeped, it’s all the same. If I could, I’d love to sit down with him on camera and pick his brain. Maybe someday.


I don’t “love” a lot of songs. (Pick your jaw up off the floor, just because I’m Red Dirt doesn’t mean I love everything I hear. Except Keith Whitney. It takes quite a bit for me to love a song, we’re talking the melody, the voice, the lyrics, the timing. Pretty much the whole nine yards mmkay? Now there’s some songs I listen to and I think, “So and so would sound better singing this.” So not the case with ‘Southern Drawl’. As a matter of fact, if someone else sang this song I would probably have to stop them and say, “You shut your mouth when singing this song.” I’m rude. I can’t help it.


Jon’s vocals are really clear and defined in ‘Southern Drawl’. If you listened to his song’ Oklahoma’ like I mentioned up top, you notice his voice is softer and lighter. In ‘Southern Drawl’ he sings it as if he’s driving it home to you that he loves your southern drawl. The melody is a good speed to where if you’re on the dance floor you’re gonna get some good two stepping twirling going. Its not no draggy ass tune that makes you wanna fall asleep in your beer. The lyrics….. Oh my Lawd Jesus…. When he says, “When I asked you your name,” you’re gonna get goosebumps. You’re gonna feel your teeth start sweating, might wanna grab a Shamwow or one of those slobber suckers they use at the dentist office. Yeah, I know…. Too descriptive.


Would I be one of those fans at a live show singing this song to the top of my lungs? You damn right! It’s a song rightly wrote giving praise to us southern girls’ accent. And that’s one thing that I get really defensive about, if I’m somewhere talking to someone or something and somebody mentions the way I talk I ask in a rather huffy tone,(also a southern thing) “What about it?” I never thought I had a drawl till I heard myself on the radio and I said, “I sound really country on the radio!” and one of my friends pointed out, “It’s not just on the rado.” So if you have a southern drawl, this song is gonna be your jam as well.


Now let’s not get it twisted, all his songs are great. So if you’re sitting there wondering why I only wrote about this song being the bomb diggety (yeah that was some old school shit, I’m bringing it back) its because I don’t have a full album in my hands to pick apart. It’s coming though. And while I’m waiting, y’all go creep him like I did and share his music and get his sound and name out there. I’m gonna leave the lyrics down below, go stop by his website, shop the store. I mean if y’all wanna get little ol me a She’s So Georgia shirt I wear a medium (just throwing that out there) buy yourself an album and shirt, its all at http://www.jonlangston.com!


~Where’d you learn to talk like that

It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard

You stopped me in my tracks

You got me hanging on to every word

When I asked you your name, could’ve heard you say it a thousand times

The way it rolled off your lips

You had to be from somewhere like

Louisiana, Mississippi

The coast of Georgia, the Heart of Dixie

Wherever it is, girl it gets me

Drunk on you like a fifth of whiskey

My heart beats fast when you talk slow

Slower than a sunset in Tupelo

And if you’re saying anything at all

I’ll stand right here and fall

For your Southern Drawl


I can talk to you all night

Something about you feels like home

Even if you said goodbye

You’d make it sound good, but I hope you don’t

Cause I wanna get to know you

Take me down every road that brought me to you, yeah

Come on get a little closer

I wanna know everything, everything

Are you from Louisiana, Mississippi

The coast of Georgia, the Heart of Dixie

Wherever it is, girl it gets me

Drunk on you like a fifth of whiskey

My heart beats fast when you talk slow

Slower than a sunset in Tupelo

And if you’re saying anything at all

I’ll stand right here and fall

For your Southern Drawl

Southern Drawl


What makes you run, what makes you wild

Your voice sounds like a million miles

A million miles


Louisiana, Mississippi

The coast of Georgia,  the Heart of Dixie

Wherever it is, girl it gets me

Drunk on you like a fifth of whiskey

My heart beats fast when you talk slow

Slower than a sunset in Tupelo

And if you’re saying anything at all

I’ll stand right here and fall

For your Southern Drawl

Southern Drawl~


Until next time, bye y’all!




My Life

8 Jun

{I love you for loving me

Because its a rare and precious thing

And you can’t run from love that’s meant to be

So let it shine on everything}

Hey y’all! It’s been a day or seven since my last blog, I thought I’d sit down and talk your ear off a little since it is Monday and everyone could use some positivity in their lives. My last blog I mentioned I had made some changes in my life; one of those was settling down and getting hitched. Yes in case you’ve been under a rock since January I said “I do.” and I couldn’t be more happier.

17 days after making it “Facebook official” that we were a couple we said our vows in front of a handful of close friends and family. Best damn decision I’ve made in a very long time. So what’s it like being married? Its interesting for sure…. For all of y’all that watched my posts on Facebook and thought I needed a reality show, ha! We need one now! It’s fun; we joke around, we Co-parent, we’re there for one another. Its been a rollercoaster ride for sure but I like rollercoasters so I’m not intimidated by what life has thrown us in the almost 5 months of unionship. If I’m having a moment he calms me with voice of reason, if he’s having a helluva time I’m right beside him listening and agreeing and being his rock. We argue like brother and sister (yes we argue, no its not WWE fights) don’t get me wrong we’re both alike; when we get mad and it gets to a boiling point heads are gonna roll. Luckily we’ve never seen each other on the element yet. I know there’s gonna come a day when the wrong person is gonna tick one of us off, its gonna be a bad day for that person. We’ll never fight. (Yes I said never) Our arguments consist of me doing the laundry and him telling me to just relax laundry can wait and me getting huffy cause laundry needs done. He’s my ride or die, regardless of what it is, right or wrong I’m gonna be by his side with 110% of my support. Just like ol Tammy said, “Stand By Your Man.” that’s what I’m gonna do till the day I die.

I’m not as high strung as I used to be. Now I do get wound up over certain things and he just sits back and lets me vent and get passed it. I’m laid back, he’s laid back. We both cut up and have fun in our marriage. I do admit my anxiety comes and goes and I struggle with that but I try not to let Chad see it. There are things that I’m still getting used to after being single for 5 years, I’m not alone now, I have someone who helps me and is there for me. That’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time.

Loving me is hard, and I applaud him everyday for loving me at my worst and best times. He’s truly my best friend and I’d be lost without him. He’s loving, supportive and is occasionally onry but I love it.

I have two bonus daughters now. Quinlynn is 6, same as Leyton. They’re actually 4 days apart so its like having twins, they remind me alot of me and Husser. For y’all that have no clue who I’m talking about Husser is my cousin, his dad married my aunt when I was 4 and he was 2. We grew up together and were close, even as adults now I still think of him as the little brother I never had. We share alot of memories and I can only hope Quin and Leyton do the same. Braxtyn is 2, she’s my baby love. We went through a battle to have her like we do and I’ll always be thankful for that battle. It brought Chad and I closer as husband and wife. I was worried that Braxtyn wouldn’t be close to me, she’s known her mother as the only woman in her life but after the third time around her she let me hold her and let me show her my motherly instinct. She now loves me as if I’ve always been in her life.

All three of our kids are blessings to me. No they’re not my step daughters, they’re my bonus daughters. I’m not their stepmom, I’m their bonus mom. The same with Leyton Chad is his bonus dad and Leyton is his bonus son. I don’t like that step crap. Me and the girls’ moms get along, same as Leytons dad and Chad. We don’t fight, we all Co-parent like all bonus parents should.

I’m happy, over the moon happy with my life and the ones who have weathered the storm with me, y’all are awesome. God definitely blessed my broken road and I’m so thankful and grateful for it!

Until next time, bye y’all!   Continue reading

“She’s a good ol girl.”

1 Jun

Hey y’all! Its been awhile! I’ve been off the grid, made some changes in my personal life and now I’m making my way back. Yes that’s right, I’m making a comeback. I mean its not gonna be as epic as Garth or nothing but its gonna be a fun ride!

Now for all of y’all that don’t know I got married. Yep, I said “I do.” and yes I’m extremely happy. Now your next question was it a singer/songwriter, no he’s neither. (Unless you count singing in the truck or shower, then yes he’s a singer) He actually had no clue what red dirt/Texas music was about till I blew into his life like a hurricane. I’m educating him! Now there’s some he doesn’t care for and some he does, I wish like hell Ragweed was still around so I could take him to a live show and let him experience that. CCR shows were like no other and to be honest there hasn’t been a show since to blow my socks off. (Womp womp) One artist though has stood out to me since I heard him back in 2012 and I will preach the gospel on him till I die; the one and only Frank Foster. (Can I get an Amen?) If you’ve heard of Frank then you probably got that

I took my hubby to his first ever concert back in January (yes I said first ever) and it was to see Frank sell out the Rev Room in Little Rock. I don’t think he knew what to expect, I mean I had bragged and went on and on about FF but you truly don’t get it till you see him jump on stage and kick ass. Cause he does for 90-120 minutes and the whole time it’s insane talent. (When you get the chance go catch a live show.)

When I sat down last summer with Frank and interviewed him before his first ever Oklahoma show in Marlow (which by the way he didn’t disappoint us Okies) we discussed his new album which hadn’t dropped yet, ‘Rhythm and Whiskey’ and I asked if there was gonna be any love songs on it. Frank can write a good love song now… He gave us ‘Real Woman’ on his Rowdy Reputation album and then ‘Lock The Door’ on Red Wings & Six Strings album. (Guys go listen and take note on how to talk to your lady and to keep her happy, you can thank me later for the help) Frank informed me that yes indeed there would be a love song and I would not be disappointed. He was right, I was not disappointed and yes I do love it.

‘Good Ol Girl’ is a slow tune that if you ain’t already, makes you wanna be a country girl that was raised right. No I don’t mean some slutty chick in some skimpy cut off shorts that don’t know what a backroad is, I mean the real country girl that knows where the best backroads are and will proceed to out sing you, out drink you, and leave you asking for more. The ones that still believe in old fashioned type relationships, the kind you wanna take home to mama. If you’re that girl then this is your jam. And yes before you ask, this song is my jam. As soon as I heard it I fell in love, I can only hope that when my husband hears it he thinks of me.

Franks got that deep voice that gets your attention and holds it cause you wanna hear what he has to say. This song leaves you waiting for the next line and as soon as its over you wanna hear it again. You can hear the sincerity in the words and his voice. It’s clearly a song written for Ashli, Franks wife. (Might I add she’s gorgeous and down home as they come) but if you listen to it and know your girl or if you’re a girl and can relate you’ll swear up and down it was written with you or your significant other in mind. Like I said earlier if you haven’t heard it or any of Franks songs please go to Youtube and prepare to have multiple eargasms. For all my fans that love a good COUNTRY song, not this pop crap on country radio you’ll love Frank. Please go to frankfostermusic.com and check out his tour schedule and the online store. Also note Frank and Ashli do all the work, they run the website, store and answer all the emails. There’s no middle man, another reason to love the man and his music! Below I’ll include the lyrics to Good Ol Girl, prepare to fall head over feet….

{She ain’t too much on painted up fancy

She lives her life in boots and jeans

But she still likes backroad romancin’

And she ain’t gotta look no further than me

Yeah she got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

Hard work to her, it ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

Aw, she’s a good ol girl

She’ll take a campier over candle

Yeah, she drinks beer so you can keep champagne

She knows all them songs by ol Rockin’ Randall

She’ll get the windows down, Lord you ought hear her sing

Yeah she got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

To her living country ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

She’s a good ol girl

She’s lover, she’s a lady

She’s forever, she’s a friend

She’s a modern day real woman

Who believes in love like it was back then

And she’s the savior of a wild and restless rambler

So I no longer walk alone

Yeah I was a wild card, she took a gamble

Now its her sweet love, keep me coming home

Yeah she’s got the heart of her mama

The soul of an angel

To her keeping promises ain’t no stranger

She’s a beautiful reminder of a different world

She’s a good ol girl

She’s a good ol girl

Aw, she’s a good ol girl}

Until next time my friends, bye y’all!!!

Jesse Keith

28 Jul

“Music is my connection to what the world doesn’t know about me” -Unknown

It’s no secret that I’m a huge music lover. I get lost in it. It produces words and phrases to stuff I’m thinking or feeling and helps me make people understand. I wish there was a song to describe the emotion I felt sitting down with Jesse Keith Whitley to talk music.

You’re probably sitting here reading this and thinking “Who is she talking about?” or “That name sounds familiar.” Lucky for you I have a big mouth and you’re going to learn today. Jesse Keith is the grandson of Grand Old Opry star George Morgan (‘Candy Kisses’) and the son of Lorrie Morgan (‘Something In Red’, ‘Dear Me’, ‘Watch Me’) and the late Keith Whitley (‘I’m No Stranger To The Rain’, ‘Miami, My Amy’, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’) All of which are amazing artist with distinct voices, seriously if you haven’t heard any of those songs I named off go to YouTube and memorize all those songs and more.

I messaged Jesse Keith’s fan page on Facebook almost a year ago and to be honest I never expected a response. I messaged him and asked if I could interview him for a show I had just joined called All Twang TV, it was going out on a limb and hoping I didn’t come off as some chick who was crazy. To my surprise I got a response and at a later time a confirmation. He was down for the interview! I was in utter shock cause I’m going to tell you right now, he’s a big deal! Unfortunately, the morning of the interview I woke up with a kidney stone and couldn’t make it. I drove back all the way from Tennessee in pain and mad as hell… So much so, if I had a scalpel to cut out my right kidney that day I would’ve done it and threw it at a semi. As luck would have it, a gentleman by the name of Ken McMeans read my Keith Whitley blog and told me he’d hook a sister up with another time and place for the interview. (Well it wasn’t quite like that but you get the idea.) I was ecstatic! So through several messages we lined up a date, time and location and it was set in stone.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t get nervous. At all. But I wasn’t interviewing just anyone, I was interviewing Jesse Keith friggin Whitley. So with my mother and 5 bags of luggage in tow we hopped in my Volkswagen Beetle and sped down to Stafford Texas to get geared up for the interview. For almost a year now I’ve been putting together a list of questions to ask and forgot it in Oklahoma… Yep I was on my own, which I do fly by the seat of my britches so I thought ‘Okay no big deal, I got this.’ With the encouragement and support from my friends and family I was confident about it. We agreed to do the interview when he did his sound check so we arrived early and looked around to get an idea of how to set up and its an outside venue. The panic sets in… I was not prepared for an outside interview; it was cooler in the pits of hell, humid, and the wind was slightly blowing and my camera…. yeah it picks up the slightest noise. We figured out ways around being outside and might I add a huge thanks and shout out to the members that work at the Redneck Country Club. Those folks were super nice and accommodating to what we had going on. If you’re ever in the Stafford/Sugarland area please stop by and see the place. It’s amazing!

Jesse is super nice and laid back, I even told him he reminded me of my little brother Dustin with the things he says and how he walks. Was I nervous once I met him and chit chatted? No, like I said it was like being around my little brother; the joking around and the sense of humor. What I do get nervous about is a camera in my face and the pressure of not looking like a fool with my no questions. (Remember I packed everything except my list of questions) I mean I get so nervous I forget my name! Who does that?! Just sitting there shooting the bull with someone is so easy, as soon as the camera is set up and its recording I forget what’s going on. Even with Jesse, he even asked me “What are you nervous about, it’s just me.” It’s the pressure of being flawless and everything going smooth. In the end we agreed to sit down in the hotel and do the interview there just so there would be no background noise and it wouldn’t be hotter than hell.

We sat down and what happens? I gigglesnort and cackle right when my mom hit record… (*drops head and whispers* I know I know, I’ll never outgrow the gigglesnort…) Thank you sweet eight pound baby Jesus swaddled in lambs cloth for editing. My mind went blank on what to say but I did my best to ask questions I know I was curious about. Keep in mind I steer clear of questions that raise eyebrows or might tick someone off. I told Jesse from the get go that I wasn’t going to be disrespectful with my questions, this is why, he took time out of his day, schedule and life to sit down with me, a girl from Oklahoma to talk music, family and Texas. I want the person I’m interviewing to feel like they’re talking with a friend, not being an artist and I’m a reporter and it was no different with Jesse. I told Jesse two things after the interview: 1) He’s a hard person to interview 2) I don’t look at him like he’s a singer but I consider him a friend. Here’s why I say he was a hard person to interview, he was very professional. I ain’t used to that. Now I’m not saying the other artist I’ve interviewed wasn’t because they were but Jesse was very to the point and matter of factly. He wasn’t vague nor did he beat around the bush and I’m not gonna lie, he threw me off my game. (Jesse-1 RDL-0) We stuck around and hung out with Jesse afterwards and once again it felt like hanging out with my little brother. We told funny stories about our families and talked music and merchandise. (Yes I’ll proudly sport my JKW shirt around and once my Red Dirt Lisa shirts come in I’m sending him one to wear. Jesse, I’m holding you to that!)

We headed to the Redneck Country Club and waited for Jesse to perform. He killed it. His voice, stage presence, and the way to handle a crowd blew me away. Yeah I’ve YouTubed him and watched how he interacts with a large crowd but it’s so much different in person. Everyone had fun and not only did he do his tunes but some of his daddy’s, one of Clint Black’s chart toppers and covers of Tyler Farr’s ‘Redneck Crazy’ and Brantley Gilbert’s ‘Saving Amy’. I strongly suggest y’all reading this to go see him live, buy his stuff on iTunes and go ‘like’ his page on Facebook to keep up with what he’s doing. Call your local music venues and request them to bring Jesse Keith to your area as well. I’m telling you, he’s gonna be bigger than life and you’re gonna want to say “I’ve been a fan of his since before he was selling out venues and topping the charts.”

Until next time, bye y’all!

‘The South’ by The Cadillac Three

24 May

Well… Well… Well… (In my Stoney LaRue voice) I get told more often than not that my descriptions on certain things are funny and unique. I do speak my mind and before you ask I do not think about what I’m going to say, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else. So when I decided to sit down and write about The Cadillac Three’s single ‘The South’ I knew I’d need to explain myself before diving in head first. Consider that description of myself up there ^^^ a warning (Nothing bad!)

I’ve seen these fellers before in concert, twice as a matter of fact and I liked em. (Didn’t love em, liked em. Big difference when it comes to me.) Last summer they opened for Whiskey Myers at the Rib Room in Ft. Smith and I vividly remember telling my friend Cassie “I thought I dropped the F-bomb a lot, this cat has me beat by a country mile!” It’s true, the dude said the F-bomb every other word, I wonder how he refrains himself in on camera interviews? Since I’m so curious I might as well see if I can line up and interview to see for myself…. (Dually noted.) In my opinion, which don’t mean much, they sound like a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Whiskey Myers. They have that southern rock image and sound, I like it a lot. Some people might not like it but to each their own. Some little tiddy bits I learned about the fellers is: 1) lead vocalist, Jaren Johnston co-wrote ‘You Gonna Fly’ for Keith Urban, ‘Southern Girl’ for Tim McGraw, and ‘Days of Gold’ for Jake Owen with drummer, Neil Mason. (Did you raise your eyebrow like I did when I first heard this little bit of info?) 2) They were formally known as The Cadillac Black before changing their name to The Cadillac Three. Now if The Cadillac Black sounds familiar it’s because whenever Brantley Gilbert opened for Eric Church at the Ft. Smith Convention Center back in January 2012 they were the long haired guys on stage before BG and they went by The Cadillac Black. 3) On the single ‘The South’ Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band are featured singing along. (You learn something new everyday huh?)

I love the song, and Jaren’s voice is different. It’s one of those unique voices that I’m drawn to, being a horse of a different breed in the music business is good. I mean who the heck wants to blend in with every one else? I’d want to be different to make sure I stood out in peoples minds. Jaren does that. This song gives a nod to the south, (um…. duh.) everything is better in the south. (Who the heck retires and moves up north? My point exactly.) It reminds you why you love the south in a rocker kind of way. The melody has a good beat that makes you wanna stomp your feet and by the time you’ve reached the chorus you’re head banging and busting out moves you didn’t know your body could possess. Perfect song to get the crowd fired up to, someone give the record label a raise for releasing this single. It draws attention to these guys and leaves you wanting more. Go to YouTube right now and look it up. (Note: it makes me wanna drive 95 and then do a Dukes of Hazzard 360 spin.)

Now onto my thoughts of the video… Oh lawdy have mercy… I sat there with the raised eyebrow and slow nod while watching this video. Like I said I’ve seen these guys twice in concert and I’m not sure what image I had in my head for them to have because clearly it wasn’t the one they have in real life. I’ll shoot straight with you, the way Jaren says “boots and red clay” gives me goosebumps. So imagine my face when the camera gets a close up of him singing those words and I realize he has prettier hair than me! Don’t get it twisted, I’d party like Pamela Anderson with these guys if I was given the chance. (and when I say party, I mean I’d badger them the entire time about what hair products they use and in the back of my head count how many f-bombs get dropped.) They’re rocking out and then there’s the folks you commonly see in the south; Farmers, ranchers, folks in overalls, country girls dancing in a chicken coop. (Yes you read that right.) I had to watch the video twice to make sure I was seeing this right, then you see the special guests, Dierks, Mike and the boys from Florida Georgia Line singing their part. I know I make jokes and have somewhat snarky remarks but it looks like the making of this video was fun. The South is fun, the tea is sweeter, the days are longer, the country is prettier, and the people are more nice than some hoidy toidy executive in a three piece suit and tie you see up North.

I give the boys from The Cadillac Three a thumbs up on the video and two thumbs up on the song. Go visit their website http://www.thecadillacthree.com for concert dates, merchandise and other upcoming news. Until next time, bye y’all!

Hey Y’all!!!

21 May

Testing out the new plugins

‘Nashville Checklist’

21 May

Album reviews…. Some say they’re a pain in the butt, I say it’s an excuse for me to jump in the truck, roll the windows down and get lost in the music. Some would rather buy certain songs instead of the whole album but I like to see what else the artist has, what else they sing about, what else they have up their sleeve. In this case there are no sleeves involved, because the album I’m reviewing doesn’t wear sleeves. (Okay only on some special occasions but any other time you’ll see him with cut off sleeves, even in the winter time.) I’m reviewing my buddy Bo Phillips and his Band’s newest studio album, ‘Nashville Checklist’ Before you think “Gah Lisa it came out months ago.” keep in mind some folks might not have it, some folks might not care to buy it simply because they’ve never heard of him or because “red dirt” isn’t their thing. But here’s the deal, I told Bo I’d review the album and I’d give my honest brutal opinion and I’m keeping up with my end of the bargain. Who knows there might be someone reading this review and think “Man I need to go listen to this album she speaks of.” (I doubt my opinion matters to others but a girl can dream right?)

I have Bo’s other two studio albums and after listening to ‘Nashville Checklist’ for a week straight I listened to them to make notes of what I thought. Here’s a recap of the first two; Bo put out his first studio album in 2009 titled ‘Dirt Road’ and from that album we heard his fan favorites ‘Peace On Earth’, ‘Never’ and ‘Perfect Girl’. Then in 2011 his second studio album dropped and from that album we heard ‘Front Porch’, his first #1 song on Texas Music Charts ‘Red Dirt Girl’ and his follow up single ‘Riverbed’. Okay now that we got a crash course lesson in BPB music let’s get on with it(:

One thing I notice about Bo that separates him from other artists is his ability to sing and perform for his loyal fans with emotion. He shows it on his face and you can hear it in his voice. He doesn’t have a poker face like some other artist do, who sing with the same look and same emotion, I ain’t knocking other artist so don’t get it twisted and in all honesty I never noticed it til ‘Nashville Checklist’. Speaking of voices…. while listening to all three albums and taking notes, I did notice how Bo’s voice has changed since 2009. It now sounds seasoned and older. (My Lord he’s gonna kill me for that statement but I’m being brutally honest and he knows I mean well.) It’s only fitting he sings with emotion and sincerity in some songs, he’s most likely lived em. It sounds cliché but any songwriter will tell you they write what they live or how they feel, that’s Bo. Every song but two he has wrote on his own (Can you name the two he’s co wrote?)

On ‘Nashville Checklist’ he let’s the listener in on some of his humor. If you’ve never been to a Bo show or you don’t follow him on Facebook or Twitter then you’re missing out. Bo is open about his thoughts and opinions regarding the sounds coming out of Nashville so it’s no surprise he calls out the obvious ways to hit it “big” in Music City with title track ‘ Nashville Checklist’. He talks about the now more popular Auto-Tune, bedazzled jeans most men are wearing and the most talked about subjects in songs. (tractors, small towns and hunting just to name a few.)

His first release off the album, ‘Her Favorite Song’ has became nearly every girls favorite song. Can you name your favorite song? Most can’t because they don’t have one actual song pinpointed to be their favorite. Most likely a girls favorite song is one that best describes her at that moment or describes her emotion. Bo hits the description on the head:
Her favorite song is a fast one, when she ain’t afraid to die,
Or a slow one with a fiddle when she just needs to cry
She might not have the answer so please don’t take it wrong
But you’ll see it when she hears her favorite song

Another crowd favorite is a song Bo first started playing live before the others and everyone can relate to it. The Pissed Off Clown Song, if we’re censoring then it’s known as ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’. Based on a true story over a relationship that ended and the person is hurt then they come out in the end a strong person. They never needed the person at all and telling them they were so much better without em. (Remember when I said he sings with emotion? This is one of the ones that showcases it.) In my opinion his song ‘Name and Number’ is the sassy sequel to ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’, we hear the hurt and the building ourself back up in ‘POC’. In ‘Name and Number’ we hear the sassy and telling the person off that hurt us to begin with. (Both songs would be great karaoke songs…. just saying…)

What album would be complete without your love songs? ‘New Way’ and ‘Me and You’ are just that. ‘New Way’ gives new ways to say I love you to your significant other (This song comes in handy if you’ve ran out of ways and you’ve somehow not made it clear to your significant other that they mean the world to you.) ‘Me and You’ well…. if a feller admitted to me he can cook and hunt and ‘The Notebook’ made em cry well I’d give him a chance!

Then there is ‘Runnin’ Kind’, ‘Bring You Back’ and ‘Nightstand’… I’ll shoot straight with you, I really couldn’t relate to ‘Runnin’ Kind’ and listening to it and asking Bo what inspired it it’s then that I realized that the reason I couldn’t relate is because I’d never experienced what the song was about… So the verdict is still out of ‘Runnin’ Kind’ (Sorry!) ‘Bring You Back’ is not only personal to Bo but to me as well, (and to anyone who’s ever lost someone close to them) It’s well written to the point it describes what you feel when life is suddenly cut short and you no longer have the future with someone but it doesn’t make you cry. (It did me, not going to lie about that!) ‘Nightstand’…. well its a dark song. I cry listening to it. The melody and the story it tells is one that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel sad. (Not like depressing but the song, you can picture the scene in your head. It’s like watching a movie as the words flow. I told you, it’s deep!)

Bo gives a respectful nod to The Possum in ‘Jonesin for George’. In the wake of his death, Bo sat down and wrote this song in memory of what country music is supposed to sound like and of George himself. Hearing the first few chords I thought I was actually listening to a George Jones song!

The hidden track not listed on the cover is one that came out of a game… Bo sat in with Justin Frazell, radio personality from 95.9 The Ranch (a station out of Ft. Worth) we hear the entire conversation. The game being played is called ‘Ten words to show your talent’, callers can call in and give the artist one word, the artist then writes it down and moves onto the next caller, so on and so on until there is ten words. The artist is then given a time to have a song written by so they can perform it live on air using all ten words they were given from the callers. (You still with me on how it works? Good!) In this case ‘The Baseball Song’ was born, any baseball fan would love it! Of course, Bo mentions the Texas Rangers but you can sing your own version by replacing the Rangers out with your own favorite ball team. (High five Bo!)

(Note: This ^^^ review of ‘Nashville Checklist’ was written solely on my thoughts and opinions. Of course to each their own! Now if you haven’t bought it, go to a live Bo show or ITunes to purchase it! Bo’s schedule is found on his website, http://www.bophillipsband.com until next time, bye y’all!